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7 Tips for Conducting Perfect Performance Reviews

Performance reviews don’t enjoy the best reputation in the corporate world. Most employees dread the time of year that their performance comes under fire, meaning they walk into their performance review clearly stressed and uncertain. This environment is neither fun ... View Article

Article by 25 February 2016


The Dating Game

You’re setting up an online dating business. You want to position yourselves above the rest which means you need to plan this well. You’ll need a site that’s user-friendly – simple to use, fast-loading pages, no repetition of information entry ... View Article

Article by 5 February 2016

Graham White

Try a little kindness

As we wave goodbye to January and its host of short lived resolutions, I find myself taking a moment to reflect, “will this be another year of fulfilled expectations, or missed opportunities?” There is never a bad time to consider ... View Article

Article by 1 February 2016

Perry Timms

Emerging Trends in HR

Synopsis from theHRDIRECTOR: For years, HR has been a giant magnet for responsibilities, and so its universe is now vast and, as is widely debated, change is a colossal constant. Big Data may well be HR’s allegoric Hadron Collider, questing ... View Article

Article by 27 January 2016

Gemma Dale

Apprentice Blog

Today I’m handing over my blog to Amelia, she joined my company a little under two months ago as an apprentice in all things people stuff. Over to Amelia… I left school in the summer of 2015, and shortly after joined ... View Article

Article by 26 January 2016

Perry Timms

Mergers & Acquisitions

I’m sceptical about any merger and not keen on acquisitions either. There I’ve said it. The coming together of 2 constructs to create a bigger thing has never really appealed to me. But then again, having spent 21 years in ... View Article

Article by 11 January 2016