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More flexibility, more unwell?

Is greater freedom and flexibility at work causing a greater absence problem? I read an article last week about cultures and how, although there’s lots of talk of the likes of Netflix and Zappos being the new best cultural thing, ... View Article

Article by 6 November 2015

Emma Browes

Snakes & Ladders

Until fairly recently I viewed my career pretty much like a game of snakes and ladders. You throw the dice, put your name in a hat, apply for a job and then someone else / the fates / skill / ... View Article

Article by 22 October 2015

Perry Timms

Succession Planning – what’s the point?

Genuinely, I get succession planning. I understand the need to have a backup plan.  Boost your bench strength.  Create a pipeline.  And other excruciating HR jargon. Focusing on key positions within a company.  Working out who plays that role well ... View Article

Article by 6 October 2015

Perry Timms

HR IT Software: The Great Whodunnit

Whodunnits.  Those “Cluedo” type plays and productions where a crime is committed and someone in the room is to blame. The often bumbling detective and their assistant is called in to explore the motives, assemble the evidence and say “whodunnit”.  ... View Article

Article by 18 August 2015


The Remote Worker Route Map

I very much dislike the phrase “Remote Worker”. The word “Remote” has all the wrong sort of connotations for effectiveness when an employee doesn’t have a regular office base. When we think of the term it conjures one of two mental images. Firstly, ... View Article

Article by 30 July 2015


Coaching – What are you stuck on?

We all get stuck. Stuck in our same old thinking habits. Stuck in the face of new challenges. Stuck in our unhelpful thoughts that hold us back. Stuck with emotions that swirl around in our minds with nowhere to go. ... View Article

Article by 27 July 2015

Perry Timms

Strategic Workforce Planning

It’s enough to strike fear into the heart of every HR Director – the line from the board “Let’s have a look at our strategic workforce planning process”. I’m not advocating there shouldn’t be one or that HR Director’s fear ... View Article

Article by 15 June 2015