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Gemma Dale

Not all unreasonable treatment is discrimination

“Discrimination”, if I had a pound for every employee that had declared something as amounting to discrimination when it wasn’t, then I would have, well, a big pile of pounds. Because when someone alleges discriminatory treatment, it is really just ... View Article

Article by 7 August 2014


Future Planning: Fast Strategy

Future strategic planning is essential for all organisations (and I’ll happily admit to being a bit of a strategy geek) and many organisations do strategy well. However, I see it being done really slowly in some organisations which causes major ... View Article

Article by 5 August 2014


Think Human Resources, think sexy…

Neil Morrison wrote an excellent post about making Human Resources sexy ( I agree with it entirely, if you want people to do things differently they need to be interested, if you aren’t going to make things interesting – well, ... View Article

Article by 10 July 2014


HR: What to start and what to stop

Earlier in the year the kind folks at NZlead invited me to publish a post on collaborative HR. That post can be found here. As part of the post I invited people to contribute to a list of things that HR should start ... View Article

Article by 8 July 2014


7 deadly sucks of HR

I wrote a blog on positive things people have said to me that stuck throughout my career. Someone then suggested I should do one on things that suck. Due to the way blogging works this one will be more popular. HR ... View Article

Article by 27 June 2014