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The future of work and life

The future of work is here, and progressive companies are helping pave the way for the next generations by offering flexibility, adaptability, kindness, inclusion and hope for this new way of work and life.

Article by Lauren Adams - Clutch 31 October 2022


A workforce voice that works for your business

Inflation and uncertainty, daunting subjects currently dominating business and daily life. A climate in which employees, undoubtedly and understandably, have views and concerns, especially in relation to their jobs and business survival. An alert, perhaps, for us to consider how we can channel the employee voice in our organisation.

Article by Coreen Nugent - Opt For Learning 28 October 2022


How to avoid unnecessary resource-intensive formal grievance

While some formal grievances are certainly justified, others could be avoided and yet they can become a disruptive and even potentially devastating force in the organisation concerned. A cold spotlight on the negative aspects of the business, demotivated employees, ongoing risk management of the situation, a distraction from everyday work activities, alongside reduced opportunities to focus on growth and development. Resource intensive and costly, as facts are gathered and verified in an often tense and suspicious working environment. How can we avoid the unnecessary all-consuming formal grievance?

Article by Coreen Nugent, Director - Opt for Learning 25 October 2022


What are the big concerns about the 4-day working week?

Three-day weekends. Less time in meetings. Same salary. Sounds just a little too good to be true, right? There are certainly benefits to a shorter working week, however, if it’s not implemented correctly, it can cause more stress as we try to squeeze five days’ worth of workload into four. How can all the work get done in fewer hours? Harnessing digital productivity is key to the solution.

Article by Alessandra La Via - Live More Offline 21 October 2022


DEI must lead the recruitment of young tech talent

As employers struggle to fill vacancies, traditional recruitment tactics may not be enough. Companies that want to woo young employees into the tech sector need to convince them that they care about people, not just profits. How do you do that? With three letters (DEI).

Article by Kate Braner, Director of Content - General Assembly 14 October 2022


Does less reported bullying mean the City has changed?

The decline in reported cases of problems has been welcomed by the sector as proof that the actions being taken have started to have an impact, helping to address the issue of toxic workplaces. But what have really been the effects of FCA pressure and a tightening up of formal processes? Something about the figures doesn’t add up.

Article by Arran Heal, Managing Director - CMP 13 October 2022


How to build (and sustain) an engaged workforce

Economic and workplace uncertainty can be hugely damaging to both employee experience and your long-term business success. Engaging your teams and giving them the tools they need to thrive in their roles will help you weather the storm ahead and support your employees every step of the way.

Article by Bronte Clephan - Kallidus 12 October 2022


Are job posting sites efficient? What sets AI apart

find out how AI has improved the efficiency of the hiring process, resulting in better outcomes than conventional job posting sites.

Article by Wasim Taqqali, Co-Founder - 12 October 2022