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The future of work and life

The future of work is here, and progressive companies are helping pave the way for the next generations by offering flexibility, adaptability, kindness, inclusion and hope for this new way of work and life.

Technology has become a way of life for most businesses worldwide. Despite the constant changes and improvements in technology, employers are continuously searching for reasons to keep employees in office environments Monday through Friday. While this has been the norm of full-time careers for a while now, it is difficult to ignore the newness and adaptability of remote jobs – especially for Gen Z’s and millennials. Including people of ages up to 41 years, Gen Z’s and millennials are constantly on the lookout for remote job opportunities that will allow them the flexibility to work from the comfort of their own homes.

Working full-time jobs in office settings is more appealing to the last generations than the younger generation. This is the main reason why founders of progressive companies have made an effort to improve the number of career opportunities for younger generations. Future-focused companies are passionate about providing the next generation with the ability to work from home, a local coffee shop, the park or wherever they feel most comfortable completing their work. Emerging remote worker communities are the future of work for the next generation.

A New Awakening

As is true for most Gen Z’s and millennials in today’s society, young individuals crave a career where their work is driven by personal values. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the constantly changing state of the economy, continued disruptions in geopolitical concerns and other related issues, this generation has come to believe in a new way of work. The Gen Z and millennial populations experienced a new awakening regarding the state of work after COVID-19.

They realized that there was a new way to work – a way that would allow them the flexibility to work, make a living and still have the freedom to go out with friends or family whenever they needed. A way of work that says as long as you meet your deadlines and complete your work sufficiently, you can escape the norm of the 9-5 lifestyle and live the life that all Gen Z’s dream of – working remotely. Thanks to the changes that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people were forced to work from home, it was proven that working from home is possible. In fact, recent data by Prodoscore showed a 47% productivity increase by remote workers. 

Flexibility, Kindness, & Inclusion

With the realization that the next generation is looking for flexibility in their jobs, HR departments throughout the US have been required to switch from long-term planning to short-term in order to navigate the newness of what appeals to Gen Z and millennials. In other words, employers are having to learn to adapt much quicker than ever before. HR departments are just the starting point of moving in the right direction for Gen Z’s, and advancing companies believe that it is their responsibility to accommodate the younger generation and save Gen Z’s the struggle of finding flexible, adaptable work by connecting them with clients who are looking specifically for young creators to add to their team.

Companies acknowledge that the next generation won’t stay at a job that doesn’t encourage flexibility and realize that they need to adapt if they care about keeping employees long-term. Progressive companies embrace Gen Z and millennial students and professionals alike and connect them to employers which are looking to add young creators to their teams. They are the future of providing these younger generations with the kind of work that they have only ever dreamed of and emphasize values such as kindness, diversity, equity and inclusion to appeal to the younger generation and appreciate the work that they provide for clients. Being hired by one of these new, growing communities means that you have the freedom to take full advantage of the opportunity to work from wherever you are.

However, these companies are not oblivious to the challenges which can come along with being a remote employee. One of the challenges that presents itself is decreased in-person human interaction. With full awareness of these challenges, innovative companies value human interaction and proudly focus on the employee experience, mental and physical health, trust and wellbeing – trends that Gen Z and millennials look for in employers. In addition to these personal values, innovative companies are fully committed to helping their employees. These forward-focused companies value the ability to reach out for help if needed. The supervisors within these companies are available to help their employees when necessary. Kindness and understanding are key values for the Gen Z and millennial community that they are trying to reach. 

Wellbeing & Trust

Mental health and well-being are values that the founders of progressive companies possess. Imagine that you are having a hard time mentally and know that you clearly aren’t going to be very productive at work due to the inability to focus on anything. One of the most appealing aspects of innovative companies is that you don’t have to worry about working if your mental health presents challenges for you, which exemplifies the adaptability of these companies at its finest.

They allow you to take a day off when you need it and they care for their employees with awareness of challenges related to anxiety, depression and other mental health situations. Innovative companies hold the value of adaptability as a key component of their company values. They encourage you to work from anywhere that has WIFI, allowing employees to travel while working as long as they have a source of internet connection. Adaptability is without a doubt one of the most appealing aspects of these new companies which attract Gen Z’s and millennials alike. 

Skipping the 9-5 Lifestyle

Gen Z and millennials are concluding that remote work and success can be easily intertwined when the right opportunity arises. The younger generations are no longer settling for work that doesn’t provide the flexibility or adaptability that they desire. Most Gen Z’s and millennials realize that innovative companies are providing more remote job opportunities. It may be reasonable to say that if remote opportunities aren’t readily available, these younger generations won’t even give the 9-5 lifestyle a second glance. Gen Z and millennial generations are aware that some members of the older generations aren’t willing to adapt for the well-being and success of their employees. In other words, is working a 9-5 job stuck inside an office setting worth all of the stress, fatigue, and utter unhappiness that comes with it?

Progressive companies value their employees and acknowledge that being unhappy with your job isn’t worth the time. They take adaptability and flexibility and apply them to the core values of each company – providing employees with the ability to work from wherever they are, whenever they want. It allows employees to take a break when they need it and acknowledges that the next generations are not willing to provide their time and energy to a career that drains them both mentally and physically. The future of work is here, and progressive companies are helping pave the way for the next generations by offering flexibility, adaptability, kindness, inclusion and hope for this new way of work and life.

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