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Are job posting sites efficient? What sets AI apart

Article by Wasim Taqqali, Co-Founder -

Job posting sites are nothing new, but the sites you’ll find nowadays are equipped with novel tech like Artificial Intelligence to streamline the hiring process and provide sourcing tools for recruiters.

These AI-based recruiting firms utilize this cutting-edge tech for several processes like sourcing, scheduling, and screening.

Let’s dig in to find out how AI has improved the efficiency of the process, resulting in better outcomes than conventional job posting sites.

AI-Based Digital Interviews

Many job-hiring firms are already using AI to assist with online interviews. While earlier AI-based technologies focused on searching specific industry-related keywords for screening, AI algorithms are now more efficient.

The AI can quickly evaluate facial expressions, word choices, body language, and way of communication during a digital interview.

Assessing how well candidates carry themselves throughout the interview can determine whether the job applicant is fit for the job position or not.

Chat Bots

Job posting sites use AI to their leverage by using recruiting chatbots. These bots provide the applicant with real-time engagement. The AI chatbots keep the user engaged by asking them questions and discussing things related to a job position.

These chatbots aid in improving the applicant’s experience by providing follow-up feedback, ideas, and relevant updates about the application.

Virtual Job Trails

AI tech benefits recruiters and candidates by providing a virtual job trial run for effective results. This tech allows candidates to get hands-on experience about what they will be doing if they secure the job position.

Recruiting teams can use the data collected through these test trials for an accurate assessment.

Some hiring companies might even ask you to play an AI-powered video game to evaluate personality traits. The data collected is evaluated to determine which job position would suit you the best.

These AI-powered tryouts aid in screening through massive pools of applicants with accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Both the recruiters and applicants are empowered by this tech to make informed judgments and informed decisions.

Intelligent Screening

Screening software powered by AI makes screening resumes a hassle-free process, especially for talent recruiting websites.

The AI algorithm is trained to screen for job-specific keywords, applicant turnover rates, tenure, performance appraisals, and much more. This screening method also determines whether the applicants are in a position to deliver as effective workers or not.

Short-listing the prospects through this screening method saves time and resources that would be spent to sieve through the massive pools of applications.

Most job posting sites and recruitment agencies have hiring managers and recruiters that can further look into the screening results to pick the cream of the crop.

AI job application screening also aids in making categories of applicants based on their overall results.

This AI screening software is trained to look for specificities like the applicant’s prior field experience, traits, and talents to short-list and grade the applications. Besides evaluating the application, the candidate’s social media accounts and other publicly available data are evaluated to enhance the job resume.

The AI carries out the whole screening process, but the algorithm might still require some tweaking in terms of programming.

Time Saving Tech

Statistics reveal that around 40% of the recruiter’s time is spent reviewing applications and data entry. AI allows hiring managers and recruiters to spend less time on administrative activities or spending time evaluating the best candidates from a pool of job applicants.

AI in recruitment enables recruiters and hiring managers to communicate and spend more time with qualified candidates for an in-depth assessment instead of wasting their time contacting each of the candidates. The tech also allows recruiters to work effectively and efficiently for extended periods.

Improved Hiring Experience

When implemented correctly, the AI algorithm significantly reduces the waiting period most candidates suffer after applying on a job posting site.

The AI recommends users explore the new position while reducing wait times for application processing. Most job posting sites have automated systems to keep candidates up-to-date with the latest job opportunities and provide advice for better outcomes.

Quality Of Hire

Searching for the right candidate for a job position is paramount. The AI algorithm instantly searches through the pool of applicants for the required skills, ideal traits, and attributes perfect for the job position.

The more a hiring manager uses the algorithm to search, the better the results will be. An improved search result means that the prospective candidate quality improves, making it easier for hiring managers and employers to work with candidates fit for the job posting.

Searching Passive Candidates

Not everyone who submits their resume on a job listing site lands a job. Plenty of passive candidates (those not looking actively for an appointment) fill the massive pool of applicants. Using this AI-driven technology, top talent can be easily filtered from the gigantic pool of passive candidates, making the search effective and hassle-free.

Improved Connectivity

Whether a chatbot reminder or an automated SMS, AI uses these connectivity options to keep the candidates updated. These communication channels always convey reminders for interviews or job-related information to the candidates.

The AI’s chatbots facilitate candidates round the clock for application inquiries or any question they might have regarding the job. The qualified candidate’s information is then used by HR for direct communication, making the candidate feel appreciated. Most recruiting firms and job posting sites prefer developing a positive relationship with potential candidates, priming them for promising career opportunities and job positions.

Reduction Of Administrative Time

As mentioned earlier, it might take a lot of time for recruiters to review each application individually, grade it, and categorize it.

AI enables hiring firms and job posting sites to perform accelerated recruiting by screening the applications and grading them so the recruiters can work on the next steps in the employee recruitment phase.

With AI, you can apply and get called for an online interview with your prospective employer within a few minutes. The AI works according to the hiring manager’s schedule and provides screened data to work on.


AI undoubtedly improves the recruitment process and facilitates candidates by providing them with a comfortable experience.

In the coming future, it’s possible to witness an increase in AI-based recruitment processes. With automation and AI being implemented in recruiting firms, these technologies will improve efficiency and allow these firms to stay proficient.


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    Wasim is a Co-Founder at An AI-powered Talent Sourcing Platform. His passion is to connect employers with top talents. He has 20+ years of experience in Technology and AI. Wasim Strongly believes that AI is a great enabler to transform the hiring process and make it more efficient.

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