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How to build (and sustain) an engaged workforce

Economic and workplace uncertainty can be hugely damaging to both employee experience and your long-term business success. Engaging your teams and giving them the tools they need to thrive in their roles will help you weather the storm ahead and support your employees every step of the way.

A recession is around the corner, businesses are under extreme pressure and people are looking to their employers for support (financially and emotionally). So, how can HR and L&D leaders support employees through economic uncertainty while keeping business afloat?  

It’s easy to batten down the hatches in turbulent times, but investing in your people is more important now than ever. Show your people you’re committed to their ongoing development by keeping them engaged, motivated, and feeling continuously supported. In return, you’ll be creating high-performing teams that feel empowered to reach their goals and contribute to company success.  You’re building teams that help you weather that storm.  

Engaged employees are the path to success  

Employee engagement is fundamental to growth and success. When people are engaged they’re committed and motivated to achieve success for themselves, and business success follows.   

Put simply: engaged workers work harder.  

A disengaged workforce lacks motivation and a willingness to collaborate, leading to low team morale and plummeting productivity. An effective L&D programme is the best way to re-engage employees, and steer them in the right direction. Through tailored learning and development plans, you’ll be inspiring and motivating them to achieve great things.  

Gallup’s 2022 State of the Workplace Report found that only 21% of workers globally were engaged at work. That’s 79% of your workforce that aren’t being as productive as they could be. It’s enough to make any manager tremble at the best of times, let alone heading into a recession.  

What difference can engaged employees make to your business? 

  1. Better performance 
  2. Higher productivity 
  3. Lower turnover rates 
  4. Less stress – a big one for times of uncertainty! 
  5. A strong culture  
  6. Ready-made company advocates 

Engaged employees create the foundation for success. And it all starts with creating an incredible employee experience – from onboarding to offboarding and most importantly, everything in between.   

L&D is the heart of employee experience and embeds learning into the backbone of your company. It’s what helps your people grow, innovate, and perform at their very best. It’s what keeps teams engaged and your business successful.  

With an L&D strategy that sets everyone up for success, you’ll be reaping the benefits of a highly engaged workforce before you know it. Your teams will feel inspired and more motivated than ever before – and they won’t be spending their days scrolling through job sites! 

Offer your people L&D opportunities they can’t refuse 

For a workplace where your people feel engaged, motivated, and loyal, you need a strong Learning and Development strategy and the right tools in place to help you achieve it.  

A well-thought-out L&D plan is the best way to build a learning culture that empowers your people to lead their own development, improve productivity and ensure people are striving to be the best they can be. It sets everyone up for success through personalised training and development plans that align with company objectives. When people are motivated to achieve their own goals, business success naturally follows. It’s that simple.   

And guess what? Your employees actually want to learn! Our 2022 Learner Survey revealed that 43% want more learning to help them progress in their careers. Offering growth and career opportunities through learning is a sure-fire way to boost your L&D goals, and show your people you’re invested in their future.  

Here are the key components of a people-focused L&D strategy:  

Engaging courses and unique eLearning experiences  

Digital learning has grown astronomically in recent years and we’re not surprised. It costs considerably lower compared to classroom learning and takes far less time due to cutting unnecessary travel. Whether your workforce is based at home, on-site, or on the road, reducing in-person training days saves lost productivity and helps the environment – it’s a win-win.  

A learning platform, that helps you deliver engaging eLearning content and caters to everyone’s preferred learning styles, will make a huge difference in engagement rates.  

Empower your people to take charge of their own learning 

Self-led learning is a key focus for many workers, with 60% still driving their own development after the pandemic.  

An LMS that supports self-led learning will enhance your team’s creativity, increase job satisfaction, and sky-rocket productivity levels… need we say more? 

Continuous feedback and reviews 

Career development is one of the most effective engagement tools. 33% of people are not getting the training they need to progress in their career, so why not ask your team what they want? Having the tools to link learning and performance will set your people up for successful futures and motivate them to work hard to get there.   

An LMS that lets you do all of the above, and more.  

Learning is a key driver of employee engagement. You need an LMS that’s simple, fast, and effective to keep your teams engaged and thriving in their roles.  

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