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Debrett’s unveils first etiquette guide for hybrid work

The comprehensive guide offers insight into everything from how to behave on video calls and how to dress yourself and your background, to body language tips and the importance of eliminating distractions

Contributor: Liz Wyse, Etiquette Advisor - Debrett | Published: 9 February 2023

Alarming burnout symptoms employers should look out for

With a whole host of causes, including the cost of living crisis, Dr Anne Lepetit, Medical Director at Cigna International has identified five major symptoms of burnout that employers should watch out for, as part of the healthcare provider’s movement to reduce burnout in the workplace.

Contributor: Anne Lepetit, Medical Director, Cigna | Published: 17 January 2023

The rise of dog-friendly offices

There are some clear advantages to be gained from welcoming four-legged friends into a working environment. As companies encourage employees back to the office after what has felt like forever, dogs and other pet-friendly environments can help ease the transition back to desks.

Contributor: Besty Williamson - Core Assett Consulting | Published: 15 August 2022

Revealed: UK office workers attitudes to different accents

The British Isles consist of a large variety of different accents and dialects, according to English Live (EV), there are more than 37 dialects! Moneypenny has therefore analysed UK office workers' attitudes towards specific accents within the workplace. They have surveyed 1000 office workers across the UK to gauge the overall attitude to accents from varying regions and how they are perceived differently.

Contributor: Wendy Swash, Chief Operating Officer - Moneypenny | Published: 18 June 2022

Is hybrid working here to stay?

With gas prices continuing to skyrocket and inflation on the rise, working from home can save both corporations and employees money and time. But that’s not the only reason hybrid work may be here to stay.

Contributor: Bill Dunning - Web and Software Developer | Published: 7 June 2022

Thursday is now the new Friday

In the new world of work where hybrid working has become the norm, Adrian Lewis, Director at Activ People HR says businesses need HR technology to manage this permanent change and limit any negative impact on productivity and wellbeing. The Office for National Statistics (ONS)[i] that showed more than a third of working adults in the UK spent at least part of their time working from home this spring, with the proportion of people hybrid working growing even as Covid restrictions eased.

Contributor: Adrian Lewis, Director - Activ People HR | Published: 4 June 2022

Is Apple CEO right to call staff back to the office

Responding to the criticism received by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, for asking staff to return to the office, global workplace creation expert, Unispace, has highlighted that the business leader was right to take this step. However, the firm has warned that mandating returns without an insight into what’s stopping people from returning is risky.

Contributor: Lawrence Mohiuddine - Unispace | Published: 23 May 2022

Employees say office atmosphere better than it was in 2021

Employees have realised working from home does not magically mean avoiding the worst of work. If you hate your boss, you can’t mute them forever. It can also be cramped and confining and mean less contact with the outside world - and fewer social interactions

Contributor: Brooke Vandenberg - Recruitment Correspondent | Published: 28 March 2022

Employees are adopting a TWT week – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – in the workplace

Monday was the least popular day of the week to book into a local workspace in November. That’s according to data from NearU, the UK tech startup that connects employees to flexible desk space and meeting rooms, which found that Mondays accounted for just 11% of total bookings per 1,000 users on its platform.

Contributor: NearU | Published: 3 December 2021