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The workplace stress of women of colour in the US

A new report, Day-to-Day Experiences of Emotional Tax Among Women and Men of Colour in the Workplace, finding that a majority of women of colour - specifically individuals who identify with Asian, Black, Latinx and multiracial backgrounds - experience an “Emotional Tax” in US workplaces, affecting their overall health, well-being and ability to thrive.

Contributor: Dnika J.Travis | Published: 20 February 2018

'male banter' 'male banter'

No place for ‘male banter’ in job adverts

Following the revelation that a ‘boutique secretarial recruitment company’ posted a job advert on LinkedIn and Guardian Jobs which included the ‘ability to deal with the 'male banter' and to be sociable but not distracting’ as part of the spec. Ann Swain, Chief Executive at APSCo was invited by the BBC to share her thoughts.

Contributor: Ann Swain | Published: 2 February 2018

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One in ten people have imagined killing their boss

Nearly a third of retail workers hate their jobs - the highest percentage in the study. As the UK workforce returns to the office on a post-Christmas comedown, Expert Market, a leading B2B online comparison site, has released new research revealing what we really think of our boss.

Contributor: Hannah Whitfield | Published: 28 January 2018

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What are the upcoming office trends for the new year?

An adaptable workplace with a focus on technology and staff well-being is the ultimate in office fashion for this year. Research by London Offices has identified the top trends for work spaces in the coming year, both for interior design and office culture.

Contributor: Chris Meredith | Published: 14 January 2018