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Automation – UK marketers burying their heads in the sand

Low-level, repetitive tasks are stifling the flow of creative juices and operational efficiencies. The Digital Work Report 2018, commissioned by Wrike, found a shocking 33 percent of UK marketers say that automation is not something they are considering and 34 percent saying they do not believe it would give their company a competitive edge.

Contributor: Andrew Filev | Published: 7 June 2018

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Directors defying office brew etiquette

Half of business directors avoid making drinks in the office tea round; One third of office workers resent their tea and coffee obligations; Directors and senior managers were most likely to resent brew round responsibilities. Hierarchy in the workplace is thriving when it comes to office brew rounds.

Contributor: Jenny Ware | Published: 23 April 2018

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Businesses failing to connect useful workers together

Powerful bosses can be “blind” to gaps in workplace connections between employees, finds useful new research by academics in the UK, the US and Germany. The research, just published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found that feelings of power reduces the ability to perceive opportunities to link people who are not already connected.

Contributor: Blaine Landis, Martin Kilduff, Jochen Menges and Gavin Kilduff | Published: 20 April 2018

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Professionals having to follow ridiculous rules at work

Workers reveal the bizarre rules UK bosses have enforced on their staff, 16th April 2018. Some say rules are made to be broken and according to research. Almost two thirds (60.2 percent) of Brits have worked for a company that implemented strange or ridiculous rules. What’s more, over half (55.7 percent) confessed that they weren’t happy about having to abide by these.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 18 April 2018

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UK bosses reveal their top employee bugbears

Being the boss can be a tough job, so it’s no wonder that two thirds (62.6 percent) of employers find their employees frustrating from time-to-time. In fact, the number one bugbear for over half (54.2 percent) of UK employers was their staff turning up to work late. That’s according to the latest research from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 16 April 2018

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UK professionals think that talking about salaries is a big no-no!

We spend a great deal of our time at work, so it’s not surprising that we form close bonds with our co-workers, often discussing our personal lives with them. Yet despite the importance of these friendships, the majority (91.2 percent) of professionals believe there are some topics you should never discuss with your co-workers.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 5 April 2018

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“You did what!?” Revealed the most embarrassing workplace moments

New research from CV-Library has shared the nation’s top cringeworthy and embarrassing work situations. In fact, the latest research from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site, reveals that nearly half (49 percent) of UK professionals have witnessed embarrassing incidents in the workplace, and a further 36.1 percent have been directly involved.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 22 February 2018

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The workplace stress of women of colour in the US

A new report, Day-to-Day Experiences of Emotional Tax Among Women and Men of Colour in the Workplace, finding that a majority of women of colour - specifically individuals who identify with Asian, Black, Latinx and multiracial backgrounds - experience an “Emotional Tax” in US workplaces, affecting their overall health, well-being and ability to thrive.

Contributor: Dnika J.Travis | Published: 20 February 2018

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No place for ‘male banter’ in job adverts

Following the revelation that a ‘boutique secretarial recruitment company’ posted a job advert on LinkedIn and Guardian Jobs which included the ‘ability to deal with the 'male banter' and to be sociable but not distracting’ as part of the spec. Ann Swain, Chief Executive at APSCo was invited by the BBC to share her thoughts.

Contributor: Ann Swain | Published: 2 February 2018

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One in ten people have imagined killing their boss

Nearly a third of retail workers hate their jobs - the highest percentage in the study. As the UK workforce returns to the office on a post-Christmas comedown, Expert Market, a leading B2B online comparison site, has released new research revealing what we really think of our boss.

Contributor: Hannah Whitfield | Published: 28 January 2018