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Watered down – Government’s Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform

The latest attempt to address public concerns about executive excess has raised the possibility of worker representation on boards and an obligation to publish the ratio of executive to average pay, but the Government's Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform may have set its sights too low to make an impact. Article by Alan Delaney, Director Maclay Murray & Spens LLP.

Contributor: Alan Delaney | Published: 13 January 2017

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Local authorities will need greater focus on information security

Local authorities face the challenging task of managing ever-growing volumes of records, covering anything from council taxes to confidential information about local schools. Phil Greenwood, Country Managing Director and Commercial Director at Iron Mountain.

Contributor: Phil Greenwood, Country Managing Director and Commercial Director at Iron Mountain | Published: 4 January 2017

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Ethics & Compliance tips and Predictions for 2017

Once again it’s time for NAVEX Global’s annual review of trends and events that will impact Ethics and Compliance (E&C) programmes in the year ahead. By NAVEX Global's Advisory Services Team.

Contributor: NAVEX Global | Published: 3 January 2017

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Nose-picking and beard-crumbs top the office grim list

Poor time keeping, office romances and foul habits rife when working in smaller businesses, with one in ten not liking who they work with. New research from AXA PPP healthcare has revealed aspects of office behaviour that bosses find most irksome.

Contributor: AXA PPP healthcare | Published: 3 January 2017

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What was your dream job as a kid?

Brits are abandoning pursuing their childhood dream jobs in favour of roles they have no genuine interest in, according to new research.

Contributor: | Published: 2 January 2017

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Is a core-flex policy the answer to global mobility needs?

As we approach 2017, the days of a standard set of lucrative policy benefits, designed to persuade a senior level employee to uproot their family and taken on a foreign assignment, are slipping into history. By Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services, Crown World Mobility.

Contributor: Lisa Johnson | Published: 31 December 2016

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Why it’s not always best to listen to your customers

Ignoring your customers can lead to more successful products. It is not always a good idea for companies to listen to their customers when designing products – according to new research from RSM Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University.

Contributor: RSM Rotterdam School of Management | Published: 27 December 2016

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Tis the season… to drink shots with the boss

New research finds that 78 percent of Brits admit to drinking too much at Christmas parties and just under a third admit to kissing a colleague.

Contributor: Gourmet Society | Published: 19 December 2016