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Why expat employee wellbeing must not be forgotten

A William Russell survey of over 1,100 expatriates living in five countries reveals that 38% feel the quality of their mental health has declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to global health insurance provider William Russell ( The new survey results highlight the unique challenge faced by expatriates, who have had to navigate the global pandemic while living, working or studying in a foreign country.

Contributor: Inez Cooper, Director and Founder - William | Published: 24 May 2021

How is the pandemic impacting expat rental market globally?

This ranking is based on data from ECA's accommodation reports, which we began publishing annually in 1996. The reports provide comprehensive and reliable information for locations worldwide on the rental trends, types of accommodation and districts commonly sought by expatriates. To ensure impartiality and to maintain the accuracy of information, data from a number of sources is used to compile each accommodation report. ECA uses a global network of estate agents, relocation agents and extensive in-house research into worldwide property markets to establish and verify the housing data in the reports. Rental prices are collected annually. This housing data is also fed into ECA's Accommodation Tool which can be used to set, manage and review the right accommodation allowances for international assignees

Contributor: Alec Smith, Accommodation Services Manager - ECA International | Published: 15 April 2021

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Expat assignments increase loyalty

It’s an important consideration for HR teams looking at the best ways to motivate staff, bearing in mind that the biggest workforce related concern highlighted by 65 percent of respondents was how to keep staff engaged. The survey included responses from almost 100 client organisations from around the world, from a wide range of industries.

Contributor: Claire Cusack | Published: 22 May 2018

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Appetite for international work opportunities soars across Europe

European employees have a strong appetite for international work, as almost three quarters (74 percent) would consider other countries for career opportunities, according to research by ADP. Comment from Jeff Phipps, Managing Director - ADP UK.

Contributor: Jeff Phipps | Published: 21 February 2017