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World’s most coveted professions for migrants

World’s most coveted professions for migrants

New research from a visa application help website has revealed the jobs that are in the most demand in some of the choicest countries around the world.

With some countries doing better than others during the financial crisis, there is an increased interest in working abroad for those with the necessary nous. www.GlobalVisas.comhas looked at the nations across the globe that are crying out for skilled labour to fill gaps in the jobs market and improve their economies. Following the results of a survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which revealed the top ten happiest countries, the team at Global Visas has looked at their job markets in order to establish which roles offer the hottest prospects for those wanting to start a new life abroad. Those that are highly educated or possess desirable skills find it much easier to secure a visa and experience the opportunities available in foreign climes. The following ten countries are looking for specific skills from those looking to immerse themselves in their culture:

1. Australia – with its huge landmass and relatively small population, the land down under is always on the lookout for skilled migrants. Chief amongst them are those in the medical profession and geoscientists helping to develop their mineral resources.

2. Sweden – secondary school teachers in vocational subjects, nurses and engineers are high on the list of desired professions in Sweden.

3. Canada – accountants, physicists, dental hygienists and chemists are all in high demand for those looking for a taste of the ‘True North, Strong and Free’.

4. Norway – experts in the oil and gas industries and construction are in particularly high demand in this Scandinavian country.

5. Switzerland – unemployment in Switzerland is extremely low, but with much of the economy based on consulting, banking and insurance, excelling in these fields could be your ticket to a slice of Swiss living.

6. United States – Engineers, nurses and skilled trades are all high on the list of hard to fill jobs. A US green card is notoriously hard to secure, but much easier if you’re looking at stepping into one of these industries. But you would need to have already been offered a position before going there.

7. Denmark -accountants, IT engineers and IT analysts are all desired skills as Denmark looks to expand its economy. 8. Netherlands – the Dutch are looking for tax professionals, bilingual secretaries and those in education, with demand for experienced marketing and sales professionals also on the rise.

9. Iceland -hit hard by the global financial crisis, but with a low unemployment rate and with industry highly focused on aluminium, fisheries and tourism, the job market in Iceland is tough but living standards are high.

10. United Kingdom – skilled workers heading to Britain are in particular demand in the medical profession to help support the understaffed NHS, as well as in engineering and the sciences.

Liam Clifford of had the following comment: “For those with the right skills, there is a whole world of opportunity. Most countries are crying out for skilled migrants, with some qualifications and abilities in more demand than others. Ageing populations across the world means that nursing is becoming ever more desirable. But all countries value the sciences and skilled engineers.” He continued: “And with our list above being for those countries where people are happiest, why not take the opportunity to experience a different culture where living standards are high and your abilities are appreciated.

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