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Employees becoming ‘customers’ of organisations

Simon Pole, Unispace Global Design Director said: “Our research suggests that there will be greater HR ownership of the physical workspace. This is reflective of a change in perspective from ‘human resources’ to responsibility for the employee life cycle and experience, and a growing sentiment that employees are internal ‘customers’.”

Contributor: Simon Pole | Published: 20 October 2017

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Make this a Christmas party that can be forgotten

Most concerning from an employer’s perspective, is the potential liability for acts of discrimination or harassment by its staff. The potential for trouble after any incident is likely to have increased following the recent decision to remove tribunal fees, which is expected to create a significant increase in claims from employees, who would previously have decided against pursuing an action.

Contributor: Tina Chander | Published: 20 October 2017

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Employees in the UK increased by 540,000 (2015-2016)

The UK Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES), the number of employees in the UK increased by 540,000 (1.8 percent) between 2015-16 - from 29.5 million to 30.0 million.

Contributor: James Turner | Published: 4 October 2017

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Employer dangers of non-compliant group risk protection

Although SPA has already increased to 66, 67 or 68 for many people (and could go beyond that into the future) GRiD members are still seeing policies where employers have kept a fixed cease age of 65.

Contributor: GRiD | Published: 26 September 2017

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A bad place to work – UK’s woefully poor work environments

The findings show that while employers continue to face economic uncertainty, many of their employees are having to endure workplaces that fail to support their basic working day, obstructing their ability to positively contribute to business success.

Contributor: Leesman | Published: 23 September 2017

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Economy drops again but businesses remain resilient

Employer confidence in the UK economy has dropped to the lowest level since the EU referendum, according to the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). Comment from Kevin Green, Chief Executive - REC

Contributor: Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) | Published: 22 September 2017

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Working lunch is the now the norm

Over two thirds of UK employees are working unpaid over lunches because of heavy workloads and manager expectations, according to a new survey from office supply specialist Viking. Comment Chris Evans, SEO Marketing Manager Europe at Viking.

Contributor: Viking | Published: 21 September 2017

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How will Ryan be effected by staff holiday lag?

Despite the current general annoyance about this matter, given Ryanair’s fast growth, expanding route network, and tempting value proposition this incident is unlikely to have a lasting effect on Ryanair’s performance. From Professor Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy - Warwick Business School.

Contributor: Professor Loizos Heracleous | Published: 21 September 2017

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Demand for lawyers increases by 24 percent across the North East

Vacancies for private practice lawyers across the North East have risen by 24 percent month-on-month according to new survey data from specialist recruiter, Clayton Legal. The firm believes the rise in advertised positions can largely be attributed to a buoyant commercial property market thanks to inward investment into the region which is fuelling demand for conveyancing professionals.

Contributor: Clayton Legal | Published: 20 September 2017