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Top, in-demand roles for 2019 revealed

According to the 2019 Salary Guide, more than half of CEOs (53%) admit finding candidates with data analysis and digital skills – as well as softer skills, such as resilience, adaptability to change and critical thinking – a challenge in the current market.

Contributor: Matt Weston | Published: 14 January 2019

reforms reforms

Latest Workplace reforms do not go far enough

The Government’s workplace reforms to do go far enough - they do not go so far as banning zero-hour contracts. Given that the tribunal system is already creaking under the strain of a huge increase in claims since the abolition of fees, the government could have been more robust to stem likely further litigation in this area of zero-hour contracts.

Contributor: Prisca Bradley | Published: 30 December 2018

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Unsigned contract case delivers fresh warning to employers

Michael Wakeling, a partner at Midlands law firm Lodders, explained: “The recent case involved facilities management company Tenon FM and its former employee Ms Susan Cawley, who began employment at the company in 2008, was given a number of promotions, before being appointed operations director.

Contributor: Michael Wakeling | Published: 14 December 2018

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Rise of the ‘Hybrid-PA’ spikes demand for support staff

Demand for ‘Hybrid PAs’, who combine traditional PA skills with specialist knowledge in areas such as marketing, events and project management, has driven a 36 percent increase in permanent support staff roles in 2018. The report into the UK’s support staff market also reveals a 11 percent growth in salaries, significantly higher than the national average.

Contributor: David Morel | Published: 7 December 2018

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Are 1.6 million unemployed single parents the UK’s untapped resource?

Almost 200,000 single parents - a tenth (10.6%) of all those who are economically active - are currently unemployed in the UK, two-and-a-half times the overall unemployment rate of four percent. The number of single parents in work has remained flat at 1.6 million over the last five years despite an increase in overall UK employment to record levels.

Contributor: Pawel Adrjan | Published: 2 December 2018

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Three million disgruntled UK workers exaggerate hours

Employers urged to address worker fairness or risk losing staff during the Christmas rush. As Britain’s retail, leisure and hospitality sectors gear up for the busy Christmas season, businesses are being urged to introduce fairer shift patterns to avoid the costs associated with unhappy staff jumping ship or clocking ‘phantom hours’.

Contributor: Carl Holloway | Published: 8 October 2018


Vast majority of EU workers would be barred from UK

New IPPR analysis finds that approximately three quarters of EU employees currently working in the UK would be ineligible for a work visa, under this week’s proposals. The analysis finds that the Migration Advisory Committee’s recommendations to end low-skilled work from the EU and reform the high-skilled work route would have a major impact on the UK’s labour market.

Contributor: Marley Morris | Published: 22 September 2018

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Zero hour contracts triple

The number of UK workers on zero hour contracts has more than tripled since 2012, propping up overall employment levels by accounting for almost a quarter of overall employment growth, according to new data by job search engine Zero hour contracts have grown by 258 percent since 2012, with 901,000 workers currently employed on this contract type.

Contributor: Andrew Hunter | Published: 16 September 2018

pilot pilot

Airline pilot loses job following reference from Jabba the Hutt

An airline pilot with freight carrier West Atlantic UK has lost his job after giving putting forward Desilijic Tiure – an alternative name for the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt - as a reference. Mr Francis-McGann was working as a pilot and applied for a role as captain. He was successful, trained by West Atlantic UK and started work in his new role as a captain.

Contributor: Jasmine Chadha | Published: 9 September 2018

money money

Britain’s debt time-bomb – workers can’t make ends meet

New research from has found that 78 percent of workers use various types of credit, such as payday loans, credit cards and unplanned overdrafts, to source money quickly between pay days, suggesting that monthly outgoings are not aligned with their monthly salaries. 

Contributor: James Herbert | Published: 30 August 2018