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Number of people not working due to long-term sickness reaches record high

“If you look at the big picture, right now in the UK, there are over 2.5 million people out of work due to long-term sickness. That is extremely worrying. Equally worrying is the fact that this number only seems to be growing, largely driven by those in the 50-64 age group. From May-July this year, a record 491,433 people became economically inactive due to long-term sickness – a 1265% increase on 2020 levels. 

Contributor: Vicky Walker, Director of People - Westfield Health | Published: 19 September 2023

Youth mental health is impacting the labour market

“National policy to support young people is limited almost exclusively to those who claim benefits and attend Jobcentre Plus, but that’s not scratching the surface of this NEET population... Our research is offering insights and recommendations to make a meaningful impact to thousands of disadvantaged lives.”

Contributor: Elizabeth Taylor - ERSA | Published: 14 July 2023

Seven in ten cases of toxic behaviour in the workplace go unresolved

In 50 per cent of cases where an employee has been challenged regarding toxic behaviour, the issue has continued and requests to address their attitude have been ignored. A further 20 per cent of employers said the employee was disciplined but the misconduct continued

Contributor: Toyah Marshall, Principal Employment Law Adviser and Solicitor - WorkNest | Published: 20 June 2023

What is fuelling soaring employee turnover rates?

The new 'Guide to Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Employees' shares insights and advice to help businesses create the ultimate employee experience using knowledge and best practice that ensures employees and new recruits are happy, healthy and productive at work with the aim of maximising talent retention.

Contributor: David McCormack CEO - HIVE360 | Published: 13 June 2023

Business demand spikes for green skills

More than two-thirds (68%) of business leaders believe that the country is heading toward a green skills shortage. To plug the gap, more than a quarter of businesses are actively identifying opportunities and anticipating future business needs.To ensure the UK succeeds in its green transition efforts, businesses, policy makers, and educational organizations must collaborate and invest in preparing the workforce. According to Joanna Bonnett, Head of Sustainability at PageGroup, "Doing so will create a pipeline of talent that is ready for the jobs of the future and tackle the green skills shortage, which, if not addressed, could drastically slow down net zero efforts."

Contributor: Joanna Bonnett - PageGroup and Onepoll | Published: 7 May 2023

Why are sales professionals ashamed of what they do for a living?

Despite sales being business critical in an economic downturn, the stereotype is such that many don't like to disclose their occupation. Over half (54%) of enterprise sales professionals in the UK are reluctant to admit what they do for work, due to misconception that they only care about their commission, appear too pushy, are manipulative and greedy. While these misconceptions create a negative image that is difficult to change, good salespeople tend to demonstrate the opposite features such as good listening and collaboration skills.

Contributor: Wendy Harris, SVP International - Gong: | Published: 1 May 2023

Consulting industry in severe skills shortfall

A new report by ECI Software Solutions has revealed that the consulting industry is one of the sectors most affected by the skills gap. With over 40,000 open positions for roles such as management, operations, and IT consultants, the industry is facing a risk of just 6% of roles being filled. The report also highlights the top 10 industries facing the biggest shortage of employees.

Contributor: Chris Fisher - ECI Software Solutions | Published: 25 April 2023

Is the “Great Resignation” finally over?

HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, AI-based assessments, and text-enabled recruiting tools, today released its Global Trends Report. Its findings indicate the Great Resignation may be over as we enter the era of internal progression. 

Contributor: Anthony Reynolds, CEO - HireVue | Published: 4 April 2023