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Don’t let bullying control your life: managing difficult relationships in the workplace

When a mix of people from different backgrounds, with varying personalities, attitudes, values and beliefs come together in a workplace context, working together isn’t always easy. After all, we choose our friends but not our colleagues. Some people are naturally brash, or assertive, while others are introvert and more sensitive.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 24 November 2018

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What Makes a Great Place to Work in 2019?

Where once a great place to work was defined by a good salary, prospect for career progression and the prestige that was attached to working for a high profile brand or in a state of the art office, today employees are no longer prepared to stick around if the work itself isn’t fulfilling and meets their lifestyle needs on a day to day basis.

Article by: Asimina Stamatiou | Published: 18 November 2018

9-5 9-5

The demise of the 9-5: What will the future of the office look like?

By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be Millennials with 70 percent of them wanting to work more flexibly. The gig economy is transforming the traditional 9-5 and the typical ‘office building’. Millennials put emphasis on work culture, with 18 percent demanding a more diverse workplace.

Article by: Jon Loftin | Published: 15 November 2018

Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal – Why Portugal is Europe’s Most Exciting New Tech Hub

Few countries have bounced back from the financial crisis as robustly as Portugal. In 2012, the Iberian nation’s economy fell by 3.2 percent while its unemployment rate soared to 18 percent. But just six years later, Portugal is tracking growth of 2.3 percent and jobless figures are dramatically reduced.

Article by: Matt Pitt | Published: 9 November 2018

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The search for the ever-elusive work-life balance 

Findings released by ukactive and Sodexo revealed that the average lunch break for office workers in the UK is now just 22 minutes long. Combined with the findings which show that over a third of employees are regularly working overtime, can only lead one to ask, how has the UK transformed into a country plagued by a workaholic culture?

Article by: Brett Moffatt | Published: 5 November 2018

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The impact of the Me Too movement on office romances

It is inevitable, with the number of hours that people spend at work and the growing social opportunities on offer, that romantic relationships will occur between colleagues. Because this can blur the lines on professionalism at work, some employers may be concerned about the effect that these relationships can have on the workplace in light of the Me Too movement.

Article by: Kate Palmer | Published: 11 October 2018

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Eight ways to ‘speak human’ and change the game

No matter the context, all relationships begin with a “handshake moment,” whether literally or figuratively - those first few introductory moments that reveal a great deal about the character of the person standing before you. Why should company interactions with current and prospective customers or clients be any different?

Article by: Kevin Lund | Published: 24 September 2018

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How to survive and thrive in the age of disruption

Today’s leaders all need to pay attention to innovation. Agility, political savviness, creativity, tech literacy and the ability to balance data driven decision making with healthy experimentation into the unknown are key skills for modern innovative leadership. Contributor Victoria Harrison-Mirauer, MA Cantab, MA, MSc - Innovation Expert.

Article by: Victoria Harrison-Mirauer | Published: 23 September 2018

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How gamification can boost engagement and productivity

Many employees shy away from using internal digital platforms, either because they’re too complicated – or just too boring. In many cases, gamifying these systems could encourage much greater employee engagement, whether staff need to complete compliance training or want to take advantage of the company’s rewards and benefits.

Article by: Nicola Britovsek | Published: 23 September 2018

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What’s the Case for a 4-day work week?

According to a global survey of nearly 3,000 employees across eight countries, nearly half (45 percent) of full-time workers say it should take less than five hours each day to do their job if they worked uninterrupted, while three out of four employees (72 percent) would work four days or less per week if pay remained constant.

Article by: Joyce Maroney | Published: 18 September 2018