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Modern work is making us fat and unhappy

Memories of Christmas are fading, but many of us will no doubt have gained a few pounds over the festive season. But, for nearly one third of the nation’s professionals, it doesn’t stop there, with 29.1 percent admitting that their work has led them to gain weight.

Article by: Lee Biggins | Published: 12 February 2018

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Workplace trends for 2018

People analytics and mental well-being to gain favour in the 2018 workplace, as Millennials take over and a shrinking talent pool fiercens the competition for hiring the very best. The generation that values personal development and work-life balance over money and status will continue to nab the most influential roles and lead organisations in 2018.

Article by: Chieu Cao | Published: 8 January 2018

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World’s most dangerous places to work

Those who travel from the relative safety of the UK to these areas are, in the most part, fully aware of the challenges they face. But there are less evident perils lurking in the most beautiful and apparently safe locations. This week, a UK doctor reportedly escaped a shark by punching it in the face after the animal injured him in Australia. According to the victim, the shark jumped out of the water and hit him in the right shoulder.

Article by: Rob Dolbear | Published: 5 December 2017

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C-suite ambivalent to work environment impacts

Research reveals that C-Suite executives do not fully appreciate the factors that keep employees happiest at work and the impact that the office environment has on their employees’ productivity and wellbeing.

Article by: Jitesh Patel | Published: 19 November 2017

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Obesity in the workplace – time for action!

The direct health impacts of obesity are widely recognised. Being overweight or obese is associated with a higher likelihood of suffering numerous chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, joint disorders and certain types of cancer. Poor physical health also increases the risk of people developing mental health problems, and employers can expect that, at any one time, nearly one in six of their workforce is affected by a mental health issue.

Article by: Joanne Allen | Published: 30 October 2017

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The physical impact of high heels at work

Taking care of your feet doesn’t mean a lifetime spent in flats. These tips should help you reduce the impact that wearing high heels has on your feet and body.

Article by: Press Release | Published: 29 October 2017

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Three ways #MeToo will change the workplace

Following #MeToo, far more people are becoming educated about their rights in this matter. They know that they have the weight of the law on their side, and that if they report an incident but the business continues to knowingly place them in situations which puts them at risk of more unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate touching, they have the right to file charges and seek compensation under the 2010 Equality Act

Article by: Judith Twycross | Published: 27 October 2017