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Rethinking rewards for the workplace of the future

As well as working for longer, employment styles are also changing. There will still be a place for full-time employees, but more and more will choose more flexible ways of working, with many opting for short or long-term contracts and self-employment. 

Article by: Hazel Rees | Published: 3 May 2019

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Transitioning to remote working

Almost three-quarters of British workers believe it’s important that their employers allow them to work remotely. Clearly, the demand for workplace flexibility is prevalent, but is the technology available to enable fully flexible working environments?

Article by: Mark Twinning | Published: 2 January 2019

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Workplace bullying is not going away

City & Guilds Group research into the role of psychological safety in the workplace discovered half of the workforce have felt unsafe, and half have encountered workplace bullying. A very significant 94 percent of businesses consider mental safety as “important” to overall employee wellbeing.

Article by: John Yates | Published: 25 December 2018

Corporate ethics brought into question in France

One-in-five French employees say they have felt under pressure to compromise their organisation’s ethical standards, reveals Institute of Business Ethics’ survey. More French employees have witnessed misconduct, but there is an improvement in the number who are willing to speak up about it.

Article by: Philippa Foster Back | Published: 13 December 2018

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How to encourage and support innovation

Brilliant ideas can only be cultivated within an environment that creates the conditions for creativity and innovation. A professor in my undergraduate program used to say that a sound idea had its own form of energy. It would attract attention, capture resources and create momentum.

Article by: Tracy Brower | Published: 6 December 2018

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Ten Tips For Christmas Networking

In the face of social media saturation, face-to-face is still the best way to start a sustainable business relationship. In fact any type of relationship that is not a bit weird. In the maelstrom that is festive networking, here are ten tips that are not necking three vodkas and Red Bull before engaging with another human you don’t yet know but might want to.

Article by: Russell Wardrop | Published: 4 December 2018

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Don’t let bullying control your life: managing difficult relationships in the workplace

When a mix of people from different backgrounds, with varying personalities, attitudes, values and beliefs come together in a workplace context, working together isn’t always easy. After all, we choose our friends but not our colleagues. Some people are naturally brash, or assertive, while others are introvert and more sensitive.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 24 November 2018

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What Makes a Great Place to Work in 2019?

Where once a great place to work was defined by a good salary, prospect for career progression and the prestige that was attached to working for a high profile brand or in a state of the art office, today employees are no longer prepared to stick around if the work itself isn’t fulfilling and meets their lifestyle needs on a day to day basis.

Article by: Asimina Stamatiou | Published: 18 November 2018

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The demise of the 9-5: What will the future of the office look like?

By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be Millennials with 70 percent of them wanting to work more flexibly. The gig economy is transforming the traditional 9-5 and the typical ‘office building’. Millennials put emphasis on work culture, with 18 percent demanding a more diverse workplace.

Article by: Jon Loftin | Published: 15 November 2018