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A Manifesto for Smarter Working

Many organisations are being held back from adopting smarter, more flexible ways of working due to their own cultural intransigence. The benefits of flexible and remote ways of working have been well-documented, from increased productivity to improved staff morale.

Article by: Mark Grant | Published: 12 June 2018

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When meetings become a major bugbear

From brainstorming sessions with no outcome to daily catch-ups with every team member, meetings have got a bad reputation for time wasting. A study looking into the matter by the Harvard Business Review found that many hours are spent wasted in unproductive meetings.

Article by: Sarah Musgrove | Published: 31 May 2018

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Customer Experience the number one differentiator for businesses

We are in an era where customer expectations are rising. As a result, these newly empowered customers expect superior experiences from any business they engage with. In today’s competitive marketplace, an organisation’s brand is built – or broken – on its Customer Experience. There’s three reasons why.

Article by: Lisa Kenny | Published: 31 May 2018

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Is your workplace toxic?

A recent report published by Expert Market has uncovered the unsavoury truth behind employee unhappiness caused by toxic workplaces. Toxic workplaces are those where bad attitudes, bad interpersonal relationships, bad work styles and more affect the morale and productivity of workers.

Article by: David Peck | Published: 17 May 2018

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Trends shaping the future of the workplace

A new report, reveals fresh insights into global workforce leaders and decision makers. Sodexo, 2018 Global Workplace Trends highlights the most critical factors affecting the future of work and demonstrates how an improved workplace experience is key to increasing companies’ performance and leads ultimately to better employee engagement.

Article by: Sylvia Metayer | Published: 9 May 2018

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Intelligent workspaces

Intelligent workspaces will be centred around better-equipped employees, who are empowered by smart tech, rather than hindered by it. It won’t be long before the likes of digital assistants, voice-controlled devices and interactive whiteboards will be commonplace in all workplaces.

Article by: Debbie Murray | Published: 5 May 2018

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Workwear revolution: are dress codes a thing of the past?

The Western trend of ‘casual Fridays’, also known as ‘dress down Fridays’ has been widely adopted by many UK businesses for several years, with some now taking on this more relaxed approach five days a week. For a large number of enterprises, jeans and a nice shirt have become the workwear norm.

Article by: Kate Palmer | Published: 3 May 2018

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Why work breaks are so important

No matter how fantastic your work equipment is, it is still important to take breaks. It’s simple: if you sit in any chair all day, regardless of how ‘high-tech’ and ‘ergonomic’ it is, you are very likely to develop aches and pains. The reasons it is important to break are: To avoid postural fatigue; To avoid visual fatigue; To refresh yourself mentally and To improve productivity.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 25 April 2018

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How HR can optimise Office Design

Office design can directly affect the working environment in a variety of ways, which in turn can affect the overall success of the business. Small changes to optimise the office design can pay dividends in many ways, so we’ve outlined how your company can be affected and what steps you can take to solve HR issues with great office interior design.

Article by: Emily Wells | Published: 11 April 2018

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Making the Most of Conversations Week

Linking to this, National Conversation Week is taking place from 19th – 25th March and encourages us to make effort to have more conversations in the workplace and build relationships with colleagues and managers. Below, a range of experts give their advice on how to make the most out of National Conversations Week and conduct effective conversations in the workplace.

Article by: Karen Meager and John McLachlan | Published: 9 March 2018