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Strengths – The Heartbeat of Employee Engagement

Rarely has a topic received such overwhelming interest from HR practitioners and line managers as employee engagement. Organisations are queuing up to purchase ‘snake oil’ solutions to try to eek out additional discretionary effort and performance from employees.

Article by: | Published: 29 July 2008

The HRDirector Features

Time to engage…

Everyone likes to be recognised and thanked for a job well done or to be acknowledged for continued loyal service to an organisation. It makes people feel good about themselves, happy in the workplace and more motivated to continue working hard and improving.

Article by: | Published: 23 July 2008

The HRDirector Features

Cutting E.D.G.E. Workforces

Successful employee recognition programmes reinforce a company’s core values by recognising and rewarding employee results that reflect those values. A powerful approach to recognition can align an entire workforce behind a company’s key goals and mission, directly impacting company performance and building a satisfied employee – and customer – base.

Article by: | Published: 24 June 2008