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Data is knowledge

The world economy is going through a seismic shift and combined with the changing pace of business, it is leading to changes in the way people are managed.

Article by: | Published: 31 August 2011

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Mind the gap

A “them and us” attitude is a major cause of disquiet, and with two thirds of people unhappy with the pay gap in their workplace,

Article by: | Published: 2 August 2011

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Careering on-track

The most effective career development strategy is achieved by implementing a formal talent management programme which encompasses all methods of...

Article by: | Published: 11 July 2011

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Towards necessary managerialism?

There has been much debate amongst academics recently on their autonomy and freedom to pursue their research interests in the context of...

Article by: | Published: 11 July 2011

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Weeding out waste

With limited budgets, workplace learning and workforce development needs to demonstrate its role in delivering value to the business.

Article by: | Published: 30 June 2011

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Recruitment, a fresh look

As companies emerge from the worst recession since the Depression, they are faced with low employee engagement and poor workplace morale that can slow the recovery process.

Article by: | Published: 16 June 2011

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Ex-dragon promotes work experience

Work experience should count towards degrees says James Caan. Students should be able to gain extra marks towards their degrees from experience gained in the work place according to recruitment guru James Caan.

Article by: | Published: 11 January 2011

The HRDirector Features

Recruitment evolves

Recruitment evolves The talent acquisition environment is changing with the economy and how companies and job seekers can, respectively, get ... View Article

Article by: | Published: 8 December 2010