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How to boost HCM efficiencies

By implementing strategies such as training and development programmes and harnessing the right HR software, employers can create a workplace that motivates staff and encourages productivity.

Article by: Stephanie Coward, Managing Director of HCM - IRIS Software Group | Published: 18 September 2023

How can the C-suite ensure everybody is connected?

The ever-connected tech world should not leave us feeling disconnected. By combining face-to-face with digital transformation, we can promote an inclusive, future-proof culture. Growth starts with people – and the best workers feel empowered, engaged and valued.

Article by: Dean Checkley, CEO - Flomatik | Published: 13 September 2023

What is attraction and retention now?

The current job landscape is witnessing a shift towards employee retention as people seek employers who prioritise well-being and work-life balance. Employees, empowered to voice concerns, are disengaging, urging organisations to adapt. Ed Johnson, CEO of PushFar, explores strategies, including shifting priorities, well-being initiatives, and the power of mentoring, to retain a satisfied and motivated workforce.

Article by: Ed Johnson, CEO and Founder - PushFar | Published: 9 September 2023

Top tips to streamline PSO talent attraction and retention

PSOs will always be in a battle to find and keep the best people. By applying the lessons of their high performing peers, there are some clear actions that can optimise their hiring and retention prowess. Smart PSOs need to calibrate their practices against their competition in the talent marketplace and adjust accordingly.

Article by: Bryce Wolf, Senior Manager Industry Solutions - Unit4 | Published: 6 September 2023

Employee retention and the importance of upskilling your team

Thanks to the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and rapid business rebound, there’s been a lot of workforce upheaval in recent years. This has exacerbated problems with retention and recruitment — but for businesses, it’s essential to have the right people in your team before you start training them.

Article by: Nick Gold, MD - Speakers Corner | Published: 1 September 2023

Bridging the employee experience disconnect

The correlation between positive experiences at work and engagement is undeniable. Engaged employees are not only committed to their roles but also contribute to the company's success. According to McKinsey and Company, actively engaged workers are twice as likely to go above and beyond their usual responsibilities.

Article by: Sabra Sciolaro, Chief People Officer - Firstup | Published: 22 August 2023

A wider view of employee engagement is crucial

Is it short-sighted of businesses to not look at the bigger picture of employee engagement? In the face of such a dramatic rise in the cost of living, pay rises have been essential for many businesses, and greatly welcomed by workers – yet salary increases alone rarely improve motivation nor encourage retention in the long-term.

Article by: Toma Pagojute, Chief HR Officer - Quinyx | Published: 14 August 2023

Making cross-organizational teams work for people

Although they are a growing trend, organisational teams can have some costly side-effects for people assigned to these temporary projects

Article by: Simon Thule Viggers, Chief People & Culture Officer - Milestone Systems, Saeedeh Kristensen, Industrial PhD at Milestone Systems/Aarhus University | Published: 10 August 2023

Cohesive, engaged and balanced

Finding purpose and value through work is a key driver for most people when it comes to employment. How employers set about delivering this for employees is important to ensure sustainable growth patterns for businesses throughout 2023 and beyond

Article by: Michelle Hartin, Executive Director of Operations - Lexica | Published: 8 August 2023

How leaders can support introverts in the workplace

As an executive coach I meet with a lot of coachees who are introverts, and they often tell me that they struggle with being understood in their organisation and by their line managers.

Article by: KK Harris, Executive Coach Director and Business Psychologist - Talking Talent | Published: 6 August 2023