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How to make people feel included

Increasingly we live in diverse communities and work in diverse work places. But does everyone feel they belong, feel valued, feel included? Do those from minority groups feel safe and believe they are treated fairly or do they feel vulnerable, made to feel outsiders and in a million subtle and not so subtle ways made to feel excluded.

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 8 May 2019

Top tips to improving workforce motivation

The dissatisfaction was most prominent in the Wales (70 percent), South West (68 percent), Scotland (67 percent), Yorkshire & Humber (64 percent), and West Midlands (60 percent) – where workers claim that employers were falling short of meeting their professional and personal aspirations.

Article by: Chris Hickey | Published: 22 March 2019

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Top things to consider about your relationship with employees 

Since acquiring Absolute Corporate Events (ACE) in 2013, I have made it my mission to develop a business strategy based upon people, rather than just numbers. In the knowledge that numbers will always follow the right people. Hence, ACE is now home to some of the UK’s leading event industry professionals and the business has since experienced growth of 400 percent in the past five years.

Article by: Chris Parnham | Published: 19 March 2019

Close encounters of the bored kind
Print – Issue 173 | Article of the Week

My first HR management role: Sitting in the canteen, blowing the steam off a spoonful of oxtail soup, a management trainee took a seat, just that little bit too close and, without introduction, whispered conspiratorially; “I’m bored!” Before I could form the words, “Hello, I’m Graham,” he followed up..

Article by: Graham White | Published: 14 March 2019

Pan-European talent management & recruitment challenges in life sciences

European life science hubs including Austria, Switzerland and Germany all have their own challenges when it comes to attracting the best talent. But what are they doing to lure the very best and how does this impact on HR policies?  What do firms do well and where do they need to focus their efforts?

Article by: Jean-Luc Niedergang | Published: 6 March 2019

How to best manage a remote workforce

There is no question that managing remote workers can be more challenging. Managers have to plan interactions and they miss the rapport-building “how was your weekend” moments that naturally happen when in the office together.

Article by: Jo Deal | Published: 6 March 2019

Is the office lounge the new boardroom? 

Regardless of what happens during the meeting, viewing the space itself as a core piece of the meeting experience is an important consideration. Effective meeting room design can impact and change your entire meeting; putting attendees at ease, encouraging conversation and engineering creativity. 

Article by: Zoe Humphries | Published: 26 February 2019

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Three steps to engagement heaven

An engaged employee is characterised as an individual who wants to do their best for the company every day, they live and breathe the values and goals of the company. With this in mind, events are a great opportunity to communicate and confirm the values and goals of your organisation

Article by: Gemma Chadwick | Published: 20 February 2019

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Stewards of humanity
Print – Issue 172 | Article of the Week

“The challenge is to create an employee experience which fits into a future we don’t yet fully understand. It can be easy to forget the ‘human’ and focus solely on the ‘resources’ amidst a sea of day-to-day demands and targets. But we must stay supremely focused on our shared humanity” 

Article by: Marcus Wylie | Published: 20 February 2019

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Retail absence is corrosive to employee engagement

While four out of five retailers worldwide (78 percent) say employee engagement is important to organisational success, many are challenged by the corrosive impact that rampant unplanned absence has on staff productivity (58 percent), manager stress (55 percent), and team morale (46 percent).

Article by: Joyce Maroney | Published: 28 December 2018