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About Murad S. Mirza

Murad is an innovative thinker and an astute practitioner of areas within and associated with the fields of Organizational Development, Talent Management & Business Transformation. He has worked in various geographical regions across the world. He has a rich history of delivering desired results for progressive organizations ranging from SMEs to Large Corporate Entities.

His scholastic accomplishments have been affirmed by induction into Beta Gamma Sigma, an International Honor Society, as a Lifetime Member. He is also a globally published author and an active contributor to various professional forums. His profile on LinkedIn can be viewed at:

How to Calibrate Your Organisation to Become an Inclusion Champion for People of Determination

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives within the corporate sector have been surging lately as progressive organisations scramble for desired talent to sustain relevance and competitiveness in the Digital Age. However, achieving efficacy in proportional representation of conventionally marginalised segments of the workforce in promising career paths is proving to be a daunting goal. One of the key factors in the respective context is the inability of the disenfranchised to have a ‘loud and coherent voice’ by influential backers that resonates effectively throughout the corridors of power. Willing and capable ‘People of Determination’ are confronted with such a dilemma at each and every stage of their endeavours to make meaningful contributions to society. While technology has increased the possibility of adding more ‘People of Determination’ to the workforce, for example, as customer service representatives, app developers, bloggers, data scientists, etc., the overall contributions of ‘People of Determination’ at majority of the businesses are still relatively low and prone to promotional ‘organisational branding’ moves, rather than, concrete inductions as a significant element of strategic initiatives.

Article by 4 May 2021

The Targeted Utilization of Humor as a Passive Resistance Tool Against Organizational Leadership

Employee voices are being increasingly muffled under the rejoicements induced by the pervasiveness of technology that is serving as a ‘relationship buffer’ for the senior management under the guise of maintaining organizational harmony with an obsessive focus on efficiency. This has led to a widening of the communication gap in corporate entities with multiple layers of management, especially, those that are geographically dispersed and have a number of low profile subsidiaries lacking sufficient resources on par with those at the head office and/or their counterparts in prime markets.

Article by 10 March 2021

Understanding the Complexities of Innovation for Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Digital Age

There was a time when product cycles could be easily segregated in terms of distinct stages from Conception to Obsolescence that enabled top/senior management to strategize on a long-term basis with the benefit of ‘slack time’ that allowed for ‘reflective pause’ on honest missteps and resolute course corrections without jeopardizing the organizational integrity.

Article by 25 February 2021

Are You Effectively Engaging All ‘Influential Ambassadors’ for Strengthening the Employer Brand?

Preserving/sustaining/promoting a strong employer brand has become critical for leadership in the Digital Age as ‘pristine’ reputations are perilously susceptible to significant and, quite often, irreparable damage from a few keystrokes of an internet-savvy disturbed/disgruntled/disillusioned party from any corner of the world. Additionally, the future of corporate entities is increasingly leveraged on the quality of their workforce and prolonged setbacks in the ‘war for talent’ can signal the end of even the industrial titans of yesteryears.

Article by 1 September 2020

The Brittleness Underlying the Glamour of the Startup World

The Digital Age has been revolutionary in a number of ways to such an extent that the word ‘Disruption’ has come to signify the kind of transformative change that uproots existing norms of competitive economies and forges a path of its own by rewriting the ‘rule book’ while relegating the complacent titans of industry to the annals of history. It’s the kind of trailblazing that is majestic in nature and game-changing in practice. However, organizations that are built upon such innovations are also highly susceptible to becoming like the ones they replaced as the challenges of exponential growth come into focus, especially, after the ‘aura’ of being a ‘startup’ disappears. An interesting feature of the Digital revolution is that the startups are thinking ‘Big (expansion-focused)’, while, the conglomerates are thinking ‘Small (streamlining-focused)’ in their quest for relevance and competitiveness.

Article by 4 August 2020