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About Murad S. Mirza

Murad is an innovative thinker and an astute practitioner of areas within and associated with the fields of Organizational Development, Talent Management & Business Transformation. He has worked in various geographical regions across the world. He has a rich history of delivering desired results for progressive organizations ranging from SMEs to Large Corporate Entities.

His scholastic accomplishments have been affirmed by induction into Beta Gamma Sigma, an International Honor Society, as a Lifetime Member. He is also a globally published author and an active contributor to various professional forums. His profile on LinkedIn can be viewed at:

An Introduction to the Fear Cognition Scale (FCS) for the Digital Workplace

Workplaces are undergoing profound transformations to accommodate the varying expectations of a multigenerational workforce and the increasing influx of AI-enabled entities.  The inevitable need to maintain robust talent pipelines for assuring a healthy supply of capable leaders has galvanized progressive organizations to place greater emphasis on effective talent development and employee engagement activities.

Article by 2 July 2018

Do You Want to Remain Professionally Relevant in the Digital World?

There was a time when graduating from a reputable academic institution meant a warm welcome to a safe professional journey with steady climb up the corporate ladder and ending in a respectable retirement from a grateful organization.  However, as analog initiatives have increasingly yielded to digital pursuits, business lifecycles have become increasingly susceptible to ‘disruptive’ technologies and ‘seemingly secure’ careers are wavering under the ‘relevancy’ scrutiny. 

Article by 1 June 2018


The atmosphere in the boardroom is tense and laden with an overwhelming burden of uncertainty.  Silence reigns with impunity across the assembled group of impassive faces.  Wearily, the Chairman’s voice takes the courageous route to an evocative conversation, ‘Time to take the vote.  Let’s see a show of hands’.  The decision is taken with an inevitable sense of forlorn resignation.  It’s time to find a new CEO…

Article by 24 April 2018

An Introduction to the Business Partnership Life Cycle Scorecard (BPLCS)

Business partnerships have become an essential element of the strategic initiatives undertaken by progressive organizations for ensuring their competitiveness and relevance in a world that does not pay heed to tradition, shuns conventional thinking, seeks seamless gratification, pledges loyalty to technological innovation and punishes complacency with extinction. 

Article by 1 March 2018

The Precarious Journey of Vital Business Information Through the Corporate Labyrinth

Business information permeates in every functional aspect of an organization.  It is the primary driver of decision making and enables vibrant actions that are the harbingers of progressive/regressive corporate strides.  Organizations have a penchant for hastening the process of their blossoming/fading based upon their ability/inability to strengthen the foundational elements of managing information that can be encapsulated in the 5Ps, i.e., Produce, Polish, Propagate, Process and Preserve.

Article by 14 February 2018