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How to Market Your Brand With Memes

It's no secret that the world of marketing is a competitive one. So if you want your brand to succeed, you need to find creative and effective ways to reach your target audience.

Article by 16 July 2022


Setting early talent line managers up for success

Gen-Z put more emphasis on having supportive managers than any generation before them and therefore are even more likely to leave if they aren’t well managed. Equipping your early talent line managers with the skills they need to effectively manage these cohorts helps ensure you keep them in the business. 

Article by 14 July 2022


A guide to L&D that is future fit

Employee training tools are one of the most important elements in any business company. Thanks to them, organizations improve the quality of their services and products, which positively affects their profits and image.

Article by 13 June 2022


Businesses must embrace Employment Bill changes, even if delayed

Workers’ rights have long since been protected by law… to an extent. However, in 2019 the Conservative government promised to introduce a unified Employment Bill which would hold British businesses accountable across the board.

Article by 10 June 2022


A Sustainable Approach for Enriching Organizational Harmony in the Digital Age

The conventional approach to ‘collating’ culture within various corporate entities as ‘organizational culture’ is inherently flawed since it tends to assume that there is a ‘binding’ foundation that ‘coalesces’ various differential elements under one roof.  The key consideration in the respective context is to draw a distinction between workplace culture (sum total of all kinds of interactions among the workforce) and core values (foundational elements of organizational ethics).  There is an overlap between the two aspects, however, culture is much more than the affective and affirmative embrace of the guiding principles of ‘goodness’.

Article by 1 June 2022


We need to make it ‘manly’ to ask for help

Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. And all the evidence, from research and anecdotally, suggests that’s because men don’t and won’t ask for help.

Article by 18 May 2022


The three touchstones of belonging

The past two years have brought home just how much society relies on frontline public sector workers. However, the “Great Resignation” is unfolding in the public as well as private sectors, and many businesses are actively looking to recruit workers seeking a change. In this environment, retaining and engaging frontline workers has never been more important for government employers

Article by 16 May 2022


Key digital skills to develop in early talent cohort

If upskilling your people with technical knowhow wasn’t a priority before 2020 - it definitely will be now. The World Economic Forum stated that in the next three years, half of all workers will need to be reskilled in order to meet the demands of global innovation. 

Article by 28 April 2022


Corporate Gamification – how to level up training

It’s easy to see why gamified education is so effective — it turns tedious learning into fun. Engaging game mechanics help trainees focus and enter a flow state while learning, but they can also change their mindset and approach towards acquiring new skills for their jobs.

Article by 19 April 2022


Bridging the gap needs strong hybrid leaders

For almost two years, the hybrid working and learning model was considered to be a ‘temporary’ fixture – once restrictions were over there would be a return to traditional working practices, albeit gradually. However, the hybrid life is here to stay, and this poses a real risk when it comes to the learning and development of increasingly remote teams.The challenge isn’t a lack of access to hybrid learning platforms; rather, it is a lack of leaders with the right set of hybrid-specific skills to effectively manage and support their people.

Article by 13 April 2022