How we work

We will undoubtedly add or amend features during the year so that we can respond to ‘hot topics’ or investigate subjects in greater depth where appropriate – the best way to keep up-to-date is to check our website regularly, as any changes will be posted there immediately.
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Each month we feature an exclusive interview with a top HR Director. Since we only have 12 opportunities for this during the year, we are very selective regarding who we profile. However, if you or your have a Client you would like to propose for this section, please email us with an explanation of what they could offer within the interview at

We commission features/case studies/comment pieces specifically for the website each month, which expand on topics covered in the publication. If you have a story that is too late for inclusion, it’s possible that it will be in time for this web area, as our lead times are much shorter. Copy length for such articles is approximately 1500 words. Please submit your articles at our Online article submission portal – click here.

We welcome News items and Press Releases which are relevant for our Senior HR Readership and due to the volume we receive, if they are of interest, we will put these live immediately without contacting you, so please keep checking our website to see if your article has appeared. To submit your content, please our Online article submission portal – click here.

theHRDIRECTOR is feature led, and we always include case studies, strategy and comment from key organisations and industry experts. We only cover HR news items on the website and legislative news in the In Brief section of the magazine. We can assure you that every press release is read (scanned, at least!) so it generally isn’t necessary to call to check that we’ve seen it. After this, it would be dealt with in one of the following ways:

  1. If it’s the type of news item that we do cover on the web, it will be saved and used for that purpose quite quickly. We do not notify you if we are going to use it – you will need to keep scanning the website, or ensure that the magazine and website are covered by your cuttings agencies. However, we don’t cover news of client wins etc, so please bear this in mind when you send us press releases.
  2. If you are working with a new client and have some interesting case studies or comment that is relevant to a feature in a future issue, please do send us the information as it will be kept for use as background to that feature – but it’s not worth ringing to see if we are going to use it as a news piece!
  3. If it’s news of an HR appointment, appropriate to our readership (HR directors, HR senior managers, board appointments or similar HR roles), we will use it on the ‘Movers and Shakers’ section of the website, BUT ONLY IF it is accompanied by a photograph. Again, we do not usually notify you of this usage, so you will need to check regularly. Please send appointments to
  4. Ideas for features, comment or case studies that are appropriate for the issue that the editor is commissioning at the time, will be considered within a short time after receipt. If we want to use them or discuss them further, we will contact you. If we don’t think they are suitable we do try to reply, but on some occasions this may not happen – as you can appreciate, we are sent a large number of releases every day.
  5. Ideas for features, comment or case studies that are appropriate for issues later in the year, will be filed for consideration nearer to the time. It has been known for us to contact a PR agency several months after they have sent a release – so when we say we file releases appropriately, we honestly don’t mean we just put them in the bin!
  6. If you pitch a completely new idea for a feature, we will always reply – but it may not be very quickly.

Finally, I would also like to make a quick comment about the name of our publication – theHRDIRECTOR. We would appreciate it if you do refer to the magazine correctly – often it is called HR Director, HR magazine, the HR director etc, none of which are correct, and some of which start to blur the boundaries between ourselves and other HR magazines in the sector. Thank you for your help in keeping our brand clear and intact!

We look forward to working with you in the future.

The Editorial Team