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Diversity and inclusion
Gender Pay gap reporting / Boardroom diversity / Who should lead? Where should D&I sit within the organisation?

Brexit Planning
Formulating the plan / Impact on Talent plans / Maintaining morale, focus and performance / Opportunity for Business and HR

Senior HR Career Development
Non-executive directors / Specialists v Generalists (Ulrich model) / Developing strategic HR talent v HRBPs career path strategy / CEO expectations of their HRD – views from CEOs

Strategic workforce planning
Long term planning – retirement etc / Managing demographics / Agile working / Social Mobility / The rise of part-time / freelancing



Change management
Why 60 percent of big, structural changes end in fail / How can employees be supported during disruption / Why are changes more complex and challenging than ever before / How to prepare and train key personnel to deal with change

The levy and how will it impact employers / Apprenticeship retention / Apprenticeship degrees / Creating a career pathway beyond apprenticeship / Better targeted basic skills

Mergers & acquisitions
Why do they fail? / Managing cultural changes / Optimising pre-merger time to prepare and carry out due diligence / Aligning organising synergy and commercial objectives

Can it deliver business performance and results? / Striking the effective balance / Empathy’s role in conflict management / Empathy’s role in making tough commercial decisions (redundancy)



Cultural change and business integration
Managing cultural change / Building a balanced culture / HR/L&D strategy to support it? / Monitoring and reporting for long term consistency

Managing the gig economy
What is it? / What does it mean for HR? / Managing the shift in command and control / How to create value and cut out many layers of management / Avoiding silos, a lack of cohesion and anarchy

Developing Leaders / Leadership models / Skills & Attributes of good leaders / Leadership Team development

Tackling skills shortages
Re-skilling / Up-skilling / Using big data to identify future deficits in key skills and capabilities / Garnering close relations with schools and higher education bodies / Promoting and supporting effective mentoring to avoid key personnel leaving with critical skills



Social recruitment / Social Stereotyping / Online profiles / Recruiting for attitude as well as skills

Employment law with Brexit in mind
Planning for the Brexit changes in UK law / Managing Internationally assigned employees / Reviewing existing policies and procedures / Understanding new rules of engagement with EU and non EU countries

Improving UK productivity
UK labour productivity levels a third lower than the US, France and Germany? – why? / Tackling the deficit in crucial STEM subjects / Promoting the positives and opportunities of Brexit / Preparing young people with the skills, knowledge and commercial realities pre work / The necessity for businesses to engage with schools and colleges

The future of HR
Shortages of the right HR skills in the market / Analytics / What’s next on the radar for HR / Review of the last 5-10 year trends



Organisational development
Utilising behavioural science knowledge / Effective use of data collection, diagnosis, action planning / Aligning organisational framework with operation process, strategy, people and culture / Ensuring company-wide buy-in and collaboration

The future of Reward & Recognition
Reward less and more strategies / Managing in the highly regulated landscape / Shareholder votes on remuneration / Managing transparency

Equality and inclusion
Pregnancy, Maternity & Paternity / Sexual harassment / Diversity on the board and senior management / Tackling latent discrimination

Data driven recruiting
Strategic talent acquisition / Building talent pools / Market awareness / Data v human intuition



People analytics and Big Data
Data driven decisions in VUCA / Performance management data / Mining data for insights and strategy decision making / Leveraging predictive analytics for recruitment  and effective workforce management

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate responsible behaviour / New trends in CSR / Charitable organisation strategic support / The critical customer connection / Effective and authentic communication

Employee experience
Work life integration / Changing the working environment / Breaking down hierarchical barriers / Technology impact / Radical benefits

Digital revolution
How will AI will impact the workforce? / Keeping pace with digital change / Security in the face of cyber-crime / Managing technology as it erodes hierarchy and creates more autonomy



Making first impressions count / Delivering immediate performance / Optimising the trial period / Senior personnel – the first 100 days

Learning and development
Is L&D broken? / Social learning / Developing Managers to manage / The future of L&D

Performance management
The changing face of appraisals / Building an inclusive performance culture / Latest thinking on the annual salary-bonus-performance review / Creating high-performing organisational cultures

Collaboration and connectivity
Maintaining synergy, connectivity and collaboration in the workforce / Optimising remote working / Manging a dispersed workforce / Best strategies for communication?



Employment Law & future legislation
The Trade Union Act 2016 / Corporate Governance / Brexit / Updated laws on employing foreign workers / Gender pay gap reporting

Managing career development
Managing the short term tenure culture / the multi-generational workforce and managing the implications of no retirement age / Improving line manager capability

Forward Planning and future strategy
Brexit what needs to be considered? / Creating the route-map and navigation / Maintaining cohesion and collaboration / Monitoring and reviewing progress, staying alert and agile to change

Personal education & support
Financial education for your entire workforce (pension planning, managing debt, savings & getting on the housing ladder) / Effective communication / Building relationships and trust / Training line managers



Artificial intelligence
Making the best use / The business case / What will change / Managing the change / What is it and what does it mean for HR and jobs

Flexibility and agility
Finding a balance / Creating a culture and framework for improved flexibility and agility / Robustness without rigidity / Meeting employee work culture needs and expectations

Bridging Knowledge and Performance
What is knowledge management / Identifying disconnects between knowledge and performance / Measuring knowledge management performance

Leadership for the 21st century
Supporting leaders as advocates, drivers of change and challengers of the status quo / Developing and promoting for empathy and understanding, with thought leadership as a key business driver and employee engager / Building a culture and platform for communication, confidence for truth, transparent and authenticity



Succession planning
Turn around Control – Command organisation to Coaching – Mentoring / Building a highly performing organisation and the role of HR

The effects of Brexit / Business partnerships in new territories / Security, protection health and wellbeing for expat workers abroad /  Transfer of knowledge and efficient using of that knowledge and information across boarders

Future proofing HR
The changing role of HR to CRM and re-evaluating HR’s impact / Bridging the gap between employer and employees / Central versus regional or local control of HR strategy and policy / Adopting strength traits from finance (reporting and ROI) and marketing (effective communication and publicity

Forward Planning and future HR & Business Strategy
Short or long term planning / Business planning / HR support and vision planning / The agile strategy



Achieving greater efficiency without negatively impacting performance
Understanding and acting upon variables / Analysing and executing upon big data / Effective action on performance deficiencies / Building engagement” and commitment achieving greater efficiencies

How do we actually make it happen culturally? / Ways to evidence investment in the workforce / Promoting self-responsibility / Understanding the balance of employer intervention

Building resilience
Coping with Brexit and post Brexit / Develop a strong sense of purpose aligning corporate with individuals / Promoting and communication challenge as opportunity / Effective dealing with changing priorities and heavy workloads

Humanising organisations
Relationship not programs, people not robots / Keeping the Human in HR in the face of data driven management / Building bridges between leadership and employees / Maintaining strong links with the increasing remote workforce



War on talent still rages, why? / Talent acquisition / How to retain your best talent

From HR to people science
Will people science threaten HR’s human touch? / The datafication of HR, how will a growing reliance on analytics effect thinking and strategy planning? / Applying and capitalising on behavioural science / Building people science knowledge and capability into the HR proposition / Changing work environments and work-life balance / Employees’ changing values

The future of work
2020 and beyond, the rise of AI / Managing demographic change and growing diversity / Changing work environments and work-life balance / Employees’ changing values and new rules of workforce engagement

Keeping workforce skills up-to-date
The importance of soft skills and thought leadership / Building a culture and platform for personal responsibility / Using Big data to understand and aligning operational needs with individual development / Ensuring line managers are attuned to workforce skills changes and deficits