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The rise of “bleisure”, combining leisure with business travel

Bleisure travel on the rise! Combining work and play during business trips. Employees seek leisure and adventure alongside corporate commitments, driven by flexible working and remote options

Contributor: Andrea Capecci - for Business | Published: 30 July 2023

LGBTQ+ business travel ready for takeoff

“It is encouraging to see the growing trend in travel programmes making provision for the diverse needs of individual travellers. Indeed, the results of this poll by Business Travel Show Europe echo the recent findings from a Pulse Check of ITM’s buyer members in which 50% of respondents said that their travel policy now caters for travellers with accessibility needs."

Contributor: Louis Magliaro, Executive VP - BTN Group | Published: 19 June 2023

Post-pandemic traveler lessons learned

Travelers returning to trips following the pandemic are taking longer vacations, making plans on their own and taking new lessons with them. According to the Global Rescue Spring 2023 Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey, one

Contributor: Bill McIntyre - Global Rescue | Published: 13 June 2023

Essential checklist before sending employees abroad to work

International relocation and global mobility are back on the business agenda, so it’s important that employers are aware of the many considerations they must make before sending an employee abroad.

Contributor: Sarah Dennis, head of international - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 13 February 2023

How big is the risk of kidnap and ransom for worldwide staff?

Kidnap and ransom are not necessarily about the worst-case scenario of being taken hostage. It could be the threat of extortion, being forcibly taken to a cash machine to withdraw money, or virtual kidnap, where perpetrators falsely claim they have taken an international traveller hostage to coerce others into paying a ransom.

Contributor: Sarah Dennis, head of international - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 24 August 2022

Most travel programmes have no provision for the LGBTQ+ community

One week into Pride Month 2022 and new data from a poll of  229 European travel managers conducted by Business Travel Show Europe has revealed that two thirds (66 per cent) of travel programmes do not provide special consideration for LGBTQ+ travellers.

Contributor: Louis Magliaro, Executive VP - BTN Group | Published: 16 June 2022

Biggest concern for returning employees is commute on public transport

According to a nationally-representative survey into 2,000 UK workers, conducted by corporate transport technology specialist Kura, nearly 60% of workers across the UK hold real concerns around the commute post-Covid.

Contributor: Godfrey Ryan, CEO - Kura | Published: 31 August 2021

One fifth of UK workers do not intend to commute again

Almost one in five workers do not intend to return to the office again post pandemic, largely due to ongoing concerns around infection control on public transport

Contributor: Godfrey Ryan - Kura | Published: 9 July 2021

Business trips are back

Today Emburse – a global leader in expense management and accounts payable automation – is announcing the findings from a recent YouGov survey aiming to understand current attitudes towards business travel. The survey of 1202 prospective business travellers found 70% of respondents agree travelling for work and conducting in-person meetings will help strengthen business relationships – which appeared to be the consensus regardless of age or gender across those surveyed.

Contributor: Kenny Eon, GM and SVP EME - Emburse | Published: 12 June 2021