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UK heading “towards a productivity crisis”

There's no doubt UK plc is witnessing too much management and not enough leadership, which is taking us towards a productivity crisis. From Mike Taylor, Managing Director - Accelerating Experience.

Contributor: Mike Taylor | Published: 21 August 2017

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SME employees suffering increased burnout

Britain’s small and medium sized firms make up 99.9 percent of the UK’s private sector businesses, employ nearly three-fifths of its workforce and account for 48 percent of the turnover. Comment from Iain McMillan, SME Director at AXA PPP.

Contributor: Iain McMillan | Published: 23 July 2017

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Productivity in limbo

The latest ONS results on productivity show no signs of improvement, with figures revealing that output per hour worked in the UK has shrunk by 0.5 percent. Comment from Phil Sheridan, senior management director at Robert Half.

Contributor: Phil Sheridan | Published: 7 July 2017

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Admin is choking productivity

Lost productivity is costing the global service industry more than $5bn annually. UK respondents spend on average 636.67 hours on a range of admin tasks each year. Three-quarters of office workers believe new technology can improve their productivity. Comment from Stephan Sieber, CEO - Unit4.

Contributor: Stephan Sieber | Published: 1 July 2017

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Demotivated employees? Check out this wish-list

New survey reveals what Brits want from their working environment, with natural light and better break areas coming out on top. Employees across the UK want to redecorate their office space in a bid to create a better place to work. Personalised workspaces, office amenities and ergonomic furniture also make Britain’s workplace wish-list. From Peldon Rose.

Contributor: Peldon Rose | Published: 29 May 2017

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Long commutes costing firms a week’s worth of staff productivity

Long commutes linked to higher levels of stress and reduced productivity. Employees commuting less than half an hour have extra seven days’ worth of productive time each year. Flexible working helps improve health and productivity but working from home shown to have no positive health or productivity impact.

Contributor: Shaun Subel | Published: 24 May 2017

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Can UK become a leading manufacturer again?

The UK manufacturing sector needs a supply side revolution to continue to occupy a competitive position on the world stage, according to a new report by Daniel Mahoney and James Pilditch, UK Manufacturing: How to Fuel the Engine published by the Centre for Policy Studies. There is a continuing need for UK manufacturing, particularly in boosting productivity and exports.

Contributor: Daniel Mahoney & James Pilditch | Published: 25 February 2017

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Older workers are not only wiser – they’re more productive

A survey that compares the working habits of different age groups among 3,000 office workers across Europe has thrown up some unexpected findings. Among them it suggests that with age not only comes wisdom, but also greater resilience to extra demands and higher levels of productivity than their younger co-workers. With comment from Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike.

Contributor: Andrew Filev | Published: 12 February 2017

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Boosting skill levels not enough to tackle productivity problem

Reacting to the Green Paper on industrial strategy IPPR calls for more investment in & use of skills by employers. In response to the government’s announcement that the Prime Minister is using the first regional Cabinet meeting to launch a modern Industrial Strategy, setting out plans to enable everyone to develop the skills they need to do the high-paid, high-skilled jobs of the future, Clare McNeil, IPPR Associate Director for Work and Families.

Contributor: Clare McNeil | Published: 26 January 2017

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Rigid workplace cultures are holding back employees

More than half of UK workers feel that both the structure and culture of their workplaces are holding them back from doing their job more effectively (55 percent and 53 percent respectively), with 53 percent warning they will consider moving jobs unless their organisation changes.

Contributor: John Yates | Published: 19 January 2017