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Is compromised office culture a price worth paying for hybrid working?

"The future of work is hybrid for many organisations, opening the door for not only greater employee flexibility, but also increased productivity. The findings of the latest Bupa Global Employee Wellbeing Index show how much can be gained through a flexible workplace, but the challenge now for leaders is to encourage team connection..."

Contributor: Anthony Cabrelli, Managing Director - Bupa Global | Published: 30 January 2023

Op leaders must attend to productivity to realise much-needed capacity

New report from ActiveOps shows operations leaders need to attend to productivity to realise much-needed capacity Operations performance has slumped by almost 20% (from 57% to 47.5%) since pandemic-era peak Control is down 5 percentage points since the start of the pandemic (42.6% compared to 48.1%), showing teams are struggling to deliver on plans and achieve goals Employee ‘work out per paid hour’ is down by 8.4% compared to pre-pandemic levels, revealing decline in efficiency and failure to get the most out of employee capacity.

Contributor: Richard Jeffery, chief executive officer - ActiveOps | Published: 28 January 2023

The huge cost of ‘badmin’ exposed

Business productivity is being stunted by a mountain of unnecessary ‘badmin’, threatening business performance as the UK enters recession.

Contributor: Pete Cooper, Director of People Partners, Planning & Analytics - Personio | Published: 24 January 2023

How to spot festive fatigue

December has been described as the most stressful month of 2022 by half of Brits, with the cost-of-living crisis (79%), being able to afford Christmas presents (55%) and fear of new year redundancies (18%) cited as key reasons why.

Contributor: Ian McVey, Visier | Published: 20 December 2022

It’s party time! Just remember, alcohol aside, workplace rules apply

It’s almost Christmas party season and given that it’s the first year in a while that there’s been no threat of a lockdown on the horizon, it’s anticipated that festivities may get a little lively...

Contributor: Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director | Published: 13 December 2022

Three-quarters of businesses under threat amid global productivity crisis

The report “The Talent Time Bomb: The Countdown to Transforming Your Talent Culture” surveyed over 900 HR professionals across the globe, and found that despite 81% feeling the pressure to get recruits to optimal productivity more quickly, over three-quarters (76%) believe hiring too quickly leads to a poor fit. But with low productivity costing businesses around $1.8 trillion every year, organisations cannot afford to hire the wrong people.

Contributor: Luke McKeever, CEO - Thomas International | Published: 3 October 2022

Business activity drops 15 percent on Fridays

increasingly becoming a slower day with 15% less business activity taking place on the day compared to average working days Monday-Thursday, which is a significant drop from 12 months ago, according to data from The Instant Group.

Contributor: Helen Godliman, Head of HR - The Instant Group | Published: 29 March 2022

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Millennials struggle most with workplace stress

The survey of 1,001 UK adults carried out by one of the UK’s leading healthcare companies, Cygnet Jobs, has revealed that almost 3 in 4 (73 percent) 25-35 year olds have recently taken workplace stresses home, and in fact as many as 62 percent of workers in this age bracket say they’ve felt sleep deprived due to career stress in the past.

Contributor: Rowan Marriott | Published: 8 January 2019

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Self-employed an important part of solving productivity puzzle, IPSE says

Productivity is up, and the self-employed have played a major part in that, IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) has said. ONS data released today shows that in Q1 2018, productivity grew by 0.9 per cent compared to Q1 2017.

Contributor: Tom Purvis | Published: 9 July 2018