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Deadline for third year of gender pay gap reporting approaches

The gender pay gap persists in British business. According to the latest Tiger Recruitment research, 19% of people think their employer doesn’t treat genders equally on pay, while 40% of say their organisation isn’t transparent about how pay levels are set

Contributor: David Morel, CEO - Tiger Recruitment | Published: 15 March 2020

Top bosses’ pay overtakes average worker’s entire 2020 pay in just three days

Luke Hildyard, director of the High Pay Centre, said: “How major employers distribute pay across different levels of the organisation plays an important role in determining living standards. CEOs are paid extraordinarily highly compared to the wider workforce, helping to make the UK one of the most unequal countries in Europe.

Contributor: Peter Cheese, Chief Executive - CIPD | Published: 18 January 2020

Major global payroll compliance risks lay ahead 

Published biennially, in association with the Global Payroll Managers Institute (GMPI), American Payroll Association, Canadian Payroll Association and the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), the Index ranks the top 40 countries in order of payroll complexity.

Contributor: Mike Eralie | Published: 22 October 2019

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Falling teacher pay must be addressed urgently

Teachers are leaving in higher numbers than ever, with the government’s failure to reach its own targets on recruitment for the last five years leading to a shortfall of 30,000 teachers. At the same time, pupil numbers are set to rise by 19 percent over the next decade.

Contributor: Baljinder Kuller | Published: 27 March 2019

BBC presenter scandal ‘another nail in the coffin’ of CEST tool

According to the BBC representatives, the presenters’ self-employed status was deemed legitimate before the introduction of CEST (Check Employment Status for Tax), but the tool found 95 per cent of them should actually be considered employees. 

Contributor: Jordan Marshall | Published: 21 February 2019

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Advertised HR salaries grow for third year in a row

Analysis of more than 10 million jobs posted across sectors since 2015 found that the average wage advertised for the HR profession has increased by 1.4 percent since the start of 2018, one of the highest rates across the sectors analysed.

Contributor: Chris Adcock | Published: 10 January 2019

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Modest wage growth predicted in 2019

UK workers are due to get an average real-terms pay rise of 1.1 percent in 2019, which would be an improvement on the 0.5 percent they received in 2018, and is also fractionally greater than the European average of 0.8 percent, according to research.

Contributor: Keith Coull | Published: 7 December 2018

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Government urged to go further on Ethnicity Pay Reporting

The Government has been urged to go further with its plans for Ethnicity Pay Reporting by making the reporting threshold lower, and introducing a legal obligation on companies to publish action plans detailing how they will do more within their organisations. These suggestions have been made by AAT (the Association of Accounting Technicians).

Contributor: Phil Hall | Published: 25 November 2018

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Not earning what you think you’re worth? It could be your name

A new report reveals ‘Liz’ is the highest salaried female first name, but there are 317 male names ahead of her. The research, conducted through Adzuna’s ValueMyCV* algorithm has exposed the average earning potential of male and female individuals and shows first names can significantly impact earning potential.

Contributor: Andrew Hunter | Published: 16 November 2018