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Three percent pay rise on the cards as business confidence improves

ECA International’s latest Salary Trends report revealed that mid-level, private sector employees in the UK can anticipate a 3% pay rise in 2022, as business confidence improves. ECA's report also highlights pay freezes in the UK, Europe and globally, both current and forecast, as well as pay rises experienced this year and what is to come.

Contributor: Oliver Browne, Remuneration Manager - ECA International | Published: 24 November 2021

Salaries are still shrouded in secrecy

New research by HR software provider CIPHR suggests that most employees are reluctant to talk about their salary with other people.

Contributor: Emma-Louise Jones - CIPHR | Published: 14 October 2021

Half of employers anticipate awarding higher pay rises next year

Strengthening pay pressures are likely to result in higher pay rises for many staff in 2022 as organisations endeavour to return to business as usual in the aftermath of the pandemic, according to the latest survey of employers’ reward intentions conducted by Incomes Data Research (IDR). And with increased focus on the relationship between pay and the cost of living, some workers could stand to receive increases in a range of 3% to 6%, higher than seen for many years, based on the latest forecasts.

Contributor: Zoe Woolacott - Incomes Data Research | Published: 2 October 2021

Arguments over fair wages spike when economic conditions are uncertain

Workplace disagreements between managers and employees over the fair pay of staff wages drastically increase when wider economic conditions are more uncertain, according to new research from emlyon business school.

Contributor: Brice Corgnet, Professor of Finance - emlyon business school | Published: 30 September 2021

Golden hello: Signing bonuses soar, new recruits receiving up to £5k on first day

The number of employers offering a signing bonus to new recruits has spiked by 75% in just three months, according to new research from the world’s largest job site Indeed. Indeed’s data shows that competition to attract nurses is particularly intense, with some vacancies currently offering an instant £5,000 bonus to new recruits. Further research found that the use of signing incentives is rising fastest among those recruiting gas engineers, pharmacists, drivers and social carers.

Contributor: Jack Kennedy, UK Economist at global job site Indeed | Published: 27 September 2021

Male staff more likely to ask for a pay rise than female

Almost half (47%) of HR professionals say their employees ask for a pay review on an annual basis, with 7.8% of employees requesting a review every six months. Sales, media and marketing employees are more likely to ask for a monthly salary review than all other industries surveyed. Additionally, employees in the IT and Telecoms sector were the most likely to request a quarterly review.

Contributor: Scott Walker, Managing Director - Cendex | Published: 26 September 2021

Pay awards stabilise after a year of uncertainty

The latest data from XpertHR shows that the median basic pay award between May and July 2021 is worth 2%, unchanged on the figure seen in each of the three previous rolling quarters. However, this is a welcome stabilisation on pay after the median pay award fell to nil in the same period a year ago.

Contributor: Sheila Attwood, Managing Editor, Pay and HR Practice - XpertHR | Published: 24 August 2021

Can employers cut salaries of those that work from home?

An unnamed Cabinet minister has suggested that civil servants who refuse to return to the office should be paid less than those who are back at their desks, telling the Daily Mail “'People who have been working from home aren't paying their commuting costs, so they have had a de facto pay rise, so that is unfair on those who are going into work. If people aren't going into work, they don't deserve the terms and conditions they get if they are going into work.'

Contributor: Alan Price, CEO - BrightHR | Published: 10 August 2021

Pay awards double in first six months of 2021

The latest data from XpertHR shows that pay awards in the second quarter of the year are worth double those in the first quarter of 2021. However, this acceleration won’t continue as research suggests pay awards have reached their peak, for now

Contributor: Sheila Attwood, Pay and Benefits Editor - XpertHR  | Published: 27 July 2021