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Ethical approach to pay “gains momentum”

Predictions for a change in shape of the pay and reward landscape – with good news on the horizon for more employees due to the push in closing the gender gap. With gender pay reporting well underway and proposed measures to scrutinise executive salaries, the push to promote an ethical approach to rewarding staff is gaining momentum.

Contributor: Tim Kellett | Published: 28 July 2018

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Fair pay agenda is not going away

According to a new survey, gender pay equality is becoming a more important factor for three in five UK employers (58 percent) when making individual base pay decisions. Half of UK employers (51 percent) said they had recently checked their pay arrangements to ensure they are meeting equal pay obligations and almost a third (29 percent) are planning to do so. 

Contributor: Hazel Rees | Published: 14 July 2018

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Job satisfaction trumps salary

Almost half of employees rate enjoyment or good colleagues as the most significant aspect of their job, according to new research from the global job site, Indeed. The vast majority of workers in the UK are not motivated primarily by how much they are paid, according to surprising research conducted by job site, Indeed.

Contributor: Bill Richards | Published: 13 May 2018

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2018 pay awards forecast at 2.5 percent

Survey results show that private-sector employers expect to give employees a 2.5% pay rise over the coming year. Survey results show that private-sector employers expect to give employees a 2.5% pay rise over the coming year. This compares with the 2% median increase given over the past 12 months, and is more optimistic than employers were predicting six months ago.

Contributor: Sheila Attwood | Published: 2 April 2018

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UK 5th from bottom in EU gender pay equality

The UK ranks 25th out of 30 European countries analysed for gender pay gap - data analysed by home rental company Spotahome ahead of International Women’s Day on 8th March has ranked the UK 5th from the bottom in Europe for gender pay equality. The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between average hourly earnings for men and women.

Contributor: Melissa Lyras | Published: 9 March 2018

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Pay rise? What’s the magic number

That’s the average figure workers say would give them a ‘comfortable life’/ Women are less likely to ask for a rise than men - amid a new ‘gender pay rise gap. Bristolians are the least happy with their current salary - with just 5 percent saying they feel comfortable on what they earn. Yet Londoners are the most likely to ask for a pay rise in 2018.

Contributor: Bill Richards | Published: 19 February 2018

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Many FTSE bosses already earned average salary this year

 Modest restraint by company boards saw FTSE 100 CEO pay fall last year but the pay gap between the top and average worker remains wide. New era of transparency through pay ratio disclosure will keep up pressure on remuneration committees to check and challenge CEO pay levels and performance.

Contributor: Peter Cheese | Published: 9 January 2018

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2017 ends with pay awards at two percent

Employers have been awarding a median 2 percent pay award throughout 2017, analysis by pay experts at XpertHR reveals. Despite unemployment falling and inflation rising through the year, employers have refused to budge from the muted pay increases they have favoured for a large part of the past five years. In the latest period, XpertHR has recorded pay awards across the economy at two percent in every rolling quarter since the three months to the end of December 2017.

Contributor: Sheila Attwood, pay and benefits editor - XpertHR | Published: 31 December 2017

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“Oi Scrooge… where’s my pay rise”?

As Christmas party season get underway, it’s a time for letting our hair down, decompressing and celebrating progress. But a study published today by the Institute of Leadership and Management reveals team leaders and managers are under great pressure to make the festive party a workplace team success.

Contributor: Kate Cooper, Head of Research, Policy and Standards of the Institute of Leadership & Management. | Published: 24 December 2017