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Lack of strategic focus on technology at board level, poll finds

A poll from ICSA: The Governance Institute and recruitment specialist The Core Partnership reveals that just 51 percent of boards understand the challenges and opportunities that data and technology present to their organisations.

Contributor: Peter Swabey | Published: 6 January 2019

succession succession

Asset managers have three years to launch their own ETFs or they will be too late

UK asset managers have three years to launch ETF strategies or else they run the risk of failing to get new products off the ground, HANetf has said. As the UK and Europe’s asset management industries continue to follow the path set in the US, ETF growth is outstripping mutual funds, with flows far in excess of sales of legacy products.

Contributor: Hector McNeil | Published: 29 August 2018

new careers new careers

Senior management are the least trusted in the workplace

A new study of 2,000 UK employees has revealed that senior management are in fact the least trusted in the workplace - with only 16 percent trusting this group. ‘Better communication’ and ‘regular catch ups’ were factors considered key for management to improve trust.

Contributor: Renford Nelson | Published: 14 August 2018

hr hr

One in four British managers would take a pay cut for purpose-led job

The purpose-pay cheque debate has been reignited this week, with new research revealing that more than a quarter of managers (27%) in British companies would likely accept a salary cut to work for a company that has a clear purpose beyond profit.

Contributor: Liz Ellis | Published: 30 April 2018

financial financial

Women in banking face ‘double glass ceiling’

Women in banking face a ‘double glass ceiling’; one when being promoted to management and another when being promoted to executive roles, according to new research. Although women make up 52 percent of banking sector employees globally, they average only 38 percent of middle managers and 16 percent of executive committees.

Contributor: Michel Ferrary | Published: 2 April 2018

boss boss

Think you’re better than your boss? You’re not the only one

Poor people management is hindering workplace productivity, according to research from CABA. The findings revealed that Brits are under significant workplace strain, with more than 1 in 3, (36 percent) confessing they think about quitting on a regular basis. Contributor Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager – CABA.

Contributor: Laura Little | Published: 27 February 2018

stress stress

UK managers deliver gloomy outlook for 2018

CMI, the only chartered professional body for leadership and management, surveyed more than 1,000 managers from across the private, public and charity sectors on their outlook for 2018. The results reveal that optimism for the year ahead is at the lowest level for four years

Contributor: Petra Wilton | Published: 6 January 2018

city worker city worker

Third of managers not trained in how to avoid unconscious bias

This is despite the largest number of respondents (26 percent ) thinking that having regular training would be the most effective way to eliminate unconscious bias as part of the recruitment process, followed by 17 percent  who think that removing age from CVs would have the biggest impact.

Contributor: Alex Fleming | Published: 7 December 2017