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Top five questions your employees are afraid to ask

Dealing with the boss can be nerve wracking, so it’s unsurprising that one in four (22.5 percent) professionals admitted that there are certain questions they’re afraid to ask their employer, with this figure rising to almost a third (31.3 percent) amongst millennials.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 1 September 2017

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Critical role of support functions in driving business value

Greater integration between finance, HR, IT and property teams in the strategic planning cycle has the potential to drive substantial value for businesses, new research has found. Comment Vernon Blunt, Strategy and Portfolio Planning Committee - CoreNet UK.

Contributor: Vernon Blunt | Published: 22 August 2017

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Raiders of the work’s fridge

British workers look in the fridge or food cupboard 13 times per day, according to new research. A survey of UK workers carried out by leading household appliances retailer,, revealed Brits look in the fridge 8 times and the cupboards 5 times per day on average. Comment from Mark Kelly, Marketing Manager.

Contributor: Mark Kelly | Published: 16 August 2017

Commuters clocking up 230 million hours on the roads

Shocking new figures underline need for transport investment and fair working conditions. New research from GMB, Britain’s general union, shows how average journey times to work have slowed down over the last five years. Comment from Jude Brimble, GMB National Secretary.

Contributor: Jude Brimble | Published: 6 August 2017

Fear at work – the Gordon Ramsay effect

Hospitality professionals including chefs and bartenders are among the professions considered to be the most intimidating by customers, according to new research. Research of 2,000 UK adults by Fletchers Solicitors, has revealed that 68 percent of Britons rated  hospitality professionals such as chefs and bartenders the most intimidating profession.

Contributor: Alex Kenny | Published: 25 July 2017

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The state of UK job satisfaction revealed

Two-thirds of U.K. workers are currently satisfied in their jobs and 13 percent say they are ‘extremely satisfied’, according to the Qualtrics Pulse – a new 2017 benchmark of how engaged today’s employees feel within their work environments.

Contributor: Qualtrics Pulse | Published: 14 July 2017

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UK employees sweating it out in offices

New survey reveals that employees are willing to give up part of their salary for an office revamp. Employees would also spend a few more hours at work per day if they had improved facilities, increasing team bonding and wellbeing. Comment Jitesh Patel, Chief Executive, Peldon Rose.

Contributor: Jitesh Patel | Published: 5 July 2017

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Governance professionals face greater complexity

New research reveals 88 percent believe governance to be a key priority in their organisation, yet just 40 percent believe firms should face strict financial penalties if they do not comply. Comment Alister Esam, CEO - eShare.

Contributor: Alister Esam | Published: 30 June 2017

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Hot and bothered – office wars over temperature at work

Nearly half of office workers (47 percent) cited differences over the office temperature as the aspect of their working environment that causes the most frustration in the workplace, according to a survey of 1,371 UK adults in full or part time employment by Emo Oil.

Contributor: Suzanne Waddell | Published: 11 June 2017