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Unexpected bounce in home mover activity after flat year

An annual increase in two key measures, first-time buyer and home mover mortgages, is good news for the mortgage market. Not only has first-time buyer activity bounced back from the first annual decline since September, but the closely watched behaviour of home movers appears to have sprung into life.

Contributor: Paul Stockwell | Published: 5 July 2019

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£1,450 average rent for two bed flat in London

A new study by GMB of official data shows that between 2011 and 2018 rent prices for 2 bedroom flats in London increased by 21.7 percent to an average of £1,450 per month, whilst over the same period, monthly earnings increased by just 9.1 percent.

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 26 June 2019

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New homes hits a ten-year high

That manifesto commitment equated to nearly 200,000 new homes a year, though there remains a question mark over whether the Tory pledge related to the building of new homes or just the ‘delivery’ of new stock, which can include the creation of new homes through other means including change of use.

Contributor: Joseph Daniels | Published: 27 May 2019

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Housing crisis “biggest domestic policy challenge of our generation”

The Prime Minister has described solving the housing crisis as ‘the biggest domestic policy challenge of our generation’. Yet new CPS research shows the full scale of that challenge. With one year to go, the 2010s will see housebuilding figures in England come in below any decade since the Second World War.

Contributor: Robert Colvile | Published: 5 January 2019

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House market buckles but don’t blame Brexit, blame piggy bank mentality

Most UK homeowners, if they’re being honest with themselves, will say they’ve had a great run over the past five years. This period began after the market pulled its face out of the mud of a horrible 2012, when plenty of property just would not budge and prices fell throughout the year.

Contributor: Lucy Pendleton | Published: 10 December 2018

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Housebuilding targets more than six years behind

Those local authorities who have fallen behind are 9.2 years off the pace on average. Southend-on-Sea is 34 years behind, York is lagging by 25 years and Luton is running a 22 year deficit. Councils have fallen more than six years behind their own house-building targets spelling disaster for Britain’s bid to end the housing crisis.

Contributor: Joseph Daniels | Published: 7 November 2018

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Home ownership “little more than a pipe dream” for public sector workers

Owning a home has become virtually impossible for many public sector workers across Britain, according to research by UNISON. Getting a deposit together and obtaining a mortgage are often insurmountable hurdles for those living in the majority of local authority areas across England, Scotland and Wales, according to the findings.

Contributor: Dave Prentis | Published: 14 September 2018

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The jobs that will take 100 years to save for a house deposit

The online estate agent compiled a list of the 30 jobs where the average salary would mean - without some significant help from the bank of mum and dad – you’ll be saving for at least 100 years before you are in a financial position to buy an average property in the UK*.

Contributor: Sam Mitchell | Published: 29 August 2018

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Don’t ditch the LISA – it could be a great addition to the benefits package!

The Treasury Committee has called upon the Government to abolish the Lifetime ISA (LISA) stating that it has received strong criticism over its ‘complexity, its perverse incentives, its lack of complementarity with the pensions saving landscape and its apparent lack of popularity with the industry and pension savers’.

Contributor: Jonathan Watts-Lay | Published: 15 August 2018

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‘Serious’ housing problems hit highest rate in five years

UK adults are more concerned about property prices and availability today than at any point in the last five years, latest research has revealed. A massive 83% of people believe house prices are a ‘serious’ problem, up from 77% five years ago. Meanwhile 77% of respondents say availability of housing is now a major concern, up from 69% in 2014.

Contributor: Paula Higgins | Published: 28 April 2018