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Women in UK finance industry still earn 23 percent less than men

Women in UK finance industry earn 23% less than men, according to Spendesk research The CFO Salary Benchmark study also reveals that 81% of finance professionals in the UK felt that the current economic climate has had an impact on their mental health

Contributor: Rodolphe Ardant, Founder and CEO - Spendesk | Published: 31 July 2023

Many women fear negotiating pay will damage their careers

69% of women feel anxiety or worry about negotiating pay, while nearly half of all men feel confident about it, with 16% of men seeing it as a positive boost to their perception  Transparent companies are more likely to be seen as making progress towards closing the gender pay gap, however, the Confidence Gap between men and women means men are almost twice as likely to ask for higher salaries than women, and more likely to get them   Effective pay gap strategies require a holistic look at workplace culture and opportunity equity 

Contributor: Ritu Mohanka, MD of EMEA - Syndio | Published: 11 April 2023

Gender pay gap in management consultancy growing

Despite the increase in the number of women consulting, the latest data by Comatch shows that the gender pay gap amongst independent management consultants in the UK has increased to 13% - with women earning on average £122 per day less than their male peers.

Contributor: Charlotte Gregson, Country Head UK - Malt | Published: 7 March 2023

Far too many gender pay gap reports reveal non-compliance

Over 1,200 UK-based PLCs with 250 or more employees – including some of the UK’s biggest names in Health and Fitness, Fast Food, Health Food Retail, Air Travel and more – submitted non-compliant gender pay gap reports, by yesterday’s April 4th deadline, reveals pay gap specialists Spktral.

Contributor: Gilly McCormick | Published: 15 April 2022

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Women’s careers hit hardest by COVID

COVID-19 is having a detrimental impact on women’s careers, according to new research from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The study of 20,000+ working professionals from around the world, unveiled on International Women’s Day 2021, finds that nearly half (49%) of women say their career has been set back or put on hold due to the global pandemic.

Contributor: Janine Chamberlin, Senior Director - LinkedIn | Published: 22 March 2021

Working women under huge pressure during lockdown

Working women face immense pressure at home, despite lockdown measures being lifted, as the burden to perform professionally collides with domestic duties, according to new research from NEOMA Business School and emlyon Business School.

Contributor: Natalie Clavijo - NEOMA Business School & Ludivine Perray-Redslob - Emlyon Business School | Published: 10 July 2020

Government decides to postpone Gender Pay Gap reporting

"One of our collective greatest strengths is being able to solve pressing current issues while advancing other important agendas at the same time. Closing the gender pay gap is just such an issue. "

Contributor: Wendy Muirhead, Vice President - Ceridian | Published: 1 April 2020

Female expats losing out to gender pay gap

The UAE showed the biggest difference, with 90 percent of men reporting an increase in salary, as opposed to 70 percent of women. In the UK, 71 percent of men saw an increase compared to 61 percent of women. However, there was only a slight difference in Hong Kong, with 67 percent of men and 66 percent of women receiving higher salaries.

Contributor: Tom Wilkinson | Published: 4 December 2019