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Cleanliness tops Employee fears over the return to work

A study of 1,000 employees who are currently working from home, carried out via OnePoll for ICE Cleaning, the UK’s cleaning experts, found two thirds would also feel uncomfortable about going back into their workplace full time. Worries include colleagues not using hand sanitizer or soap (27 per cent) and not enough communal cleaning (27 per cent).

Contributor: Zac Hemming - ICE Cleaning | Published: 19 April 2021

Pandemic has separated the readiest innovators from the rest

According to BCG’s latest report, Most Innovative Companies 2021: Overcoming the Innovation Readiness Gap, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of innovation excellence in turbulent times. The research has also revealed that following COVID-19, digital transformation is now a top priority for 75% of CEOs.

Contributor: Konstantinos Apostolatos, Managing Director - Boston Consulting Group | Published: 16 April 2021

HR leaders must prioritise mental health

The pandemic and the subsequent measures taken by the government have had a significant impact on the mental health of the general public, and this has certainly been reflected in HR departments across the UK. We asked our respondents to let us know exactly what impact the pandemic had on their business, their department and their people. 

Contributor: Chris Bourne - Natural HR | Published: 18 March 2021

Post COVID business confidence answers lie in the data

SMBs that effectively leverage data and analytics in their decision-making process will be better able to navigate the government’s roadmap out of lockdown and prepare their workforce for any unforeseen challenges that lie ahead.

Contributor: James Don-Carolis, Managing Director of TrueCue | Published: 4 March 2021

Now more than ever, working parents need support

The most common measure employers have taken to support parents during the latest period of home-learning is to promote mental wellbeing, followed by inviting staff to make changes to their working patterns. However more could be done to promote existing measures to staff juggling their work and home-learning commitments.

Contributor: Katherine Heffernan - IDR | Published: 20 February 2021

Lockdowns are sending “liveability” in cities spiralling down

*The 2021 Location Rating research and analysis took place between June and November 2020, with all scoring accurate at the time of publication, in terms of pandemic-related restrictions, on 13th November.

Contributor: Neil Ashman, Senior Location Ratings Analyst at ECA International | Published: 7 February 2021