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Does tracking hours show a lack of trust?

As we all adjust to a new world of work and new ways of doing things, there will be further questions seeking answers. And while the “right” solution will never be clear-cut, and different software will suit different organisations for a number of reasons, the opinions above demonstrate that not all software is essential — and some require careful consideration before we implement.

Contributor: Stuart Hearn is CEO and Founder - Clear Review, | Published: 25 August 2020

Business finance is yet to shift to reflect widespread remote working

COVID-19 has meant a fundamental shift for businesses and in a short space of time, huge swathes of the UK economy have restructured to a remote working setup. New YouGov research commissioned by the SAP Concur team reveals a significant third of businesses (32%) found the transition to remote working difficult or very difficult.

Contributor: Ryan Demaray, Managing Director SMB EMEA at SAP Concur | Published: 4 June 2020

Poor Christmas retail results show we may bestarting to consume less

“This year's numbers also hint to a new factor in the evolving high street story. Are consumers changing and to an extent consuming less? The results from Morrisons show declines in their sales of food and drinks and positions them as the worst performing of the supermarkets. The resignation of John Lewis's MD also points to a tough progress with the group's reorganisation which includes Waitrose. The business model of the supermarket or the department store hosting rows of mass consumption brands is proving ever less popular for better informed resource-aware, climate-conscious consumers.

Contributor: Dr Gordon Fletcher, Retail Expert - University of Salford Business School | Published: 13 January 2020

Political turmoil fuelling future uncertainty

Only one in 10 people think that the current political climate is making them feel more confident in their job. This is a drop of one percentage point in the past three months as Government and the future of the UK has become increasingly unpredictable.

Contributor: Derek Jenkins, General Manager UK & Ireland - | Published: 10 December 2019

Aggressive hiring detrimental to business success

The advice comes as figures from the European Commission reveal that less than half of UK enterprises survive their first five years, with separate research from market intelligence firm, CB Insights, indicating that 23% of businesses fail because they don’t have the right team in place

Contributor: Steve Lorde | Published: 3 December 2019

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UK engineering firms potentially missing out on £10 billion of R&D funding each year

On average, engineering companies invest £386,000 a year on R&D activity, meaning they are potentially able to claim £100,360 in funding. With over 100,000 UK engineering firms not claiming, despite describing their company as innovation active, a staggering £10.2 billion is going unclaimed each year. 

Contributor: Nigel Urquhart | Published: 19 November 2019

M&S drops out of the FTSE100

Shares in the retailer are down 40 percent this year. Dr Fletcher said: “Today's departure of M&S from the FTSE100 is a symbolic descent for this former powerhouse of the High Street. The company has been part of the FTSE100 list since it began in 1984 and was the first retailer to break £1bn in pre-tax profits.

Contributor: Dr Gordon Fletcher | Published: 20 September 2019

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Few at C-level accurately measure business capacity 

According to research from PwC, 77 percent of CEOs view skill resourcing as a significant issue for their business, with the ability to accurately manage and measure staff capacity against utilisation being crucial for the profitable delivery of services.

Contributor: Jonathan Corrie | Published: 7 September 2019

One in four HR professionals left out of the boardroom

One in four HR professionals surveyed by Reed HR, said that their companies did not involve them in key strategic business decisions. This is a concern as those asked also said that the HR sector is going through major changes

Contributor: Chris Adcock | Published: 14 August 2019