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Don’t underestimate the importance of work chat

As organizations begin to test different hybrid working styles, new data from Chargifi reveals that spontaneous office interactions between coworkers can boost individual wellbeing and productivity for over an hour. 

Contributor: Dan Bladen, Co-Founder and CEO - Chargifi | Published: 18 June 2021

Many businesses have achieved growth objectives against all the odds

The past year has solidified a change in how employees work, and their expectations for a more hybrid model moving forward. • Only 14% of UK employees surveyed plan to permanently return to company facilities full-time, with older workers (aged over 55) showing a greater willingness to return to the office (42%). Almost half (45%) would like permanent flexibility in working hours. • However, this doesn’t signify a complete shift to remote working in the future. 62% expect to work remotely more than half the time post-pandemic, compared to 43% that already did so prior to the pandemic.

Contributor: Nicky Tozer, VP EMEA - Oracle NetSuite | Published: 17 May 2021

As the UK opens up, how do we go forward?

Despite many challenges, the last year has cultivated a fresh, progressive and resilient culture of change for businesses throughout the ... View Article

Contributor: Frank Creighton - Director of Business Development - Appreciate Group | Published: 13 April 2021

Five things you should know about managing confidential waste

Businesses are likely to handle a significant amount of confidential information on a day to day basis. Whether it’s about accounts, clients or employees, this data could cause a variety of problems for a businesses’ operation and in a worst-case scenario, lead to serious legal action or a hefty fine.

Contributor: Katrina Cliffe | Published: 24 February 2021

Innovation set to take centre stage… and efficiency

The pandemic has shaken up business priorities and many predict that it will continue to have lasting influence on the future direction of organisations. It is predicted that innovation and more compassionate leadership will take centre stage, according to a new study released today from The Institute of Leadership & Management.

Contributor: Kate Cooper, Head of Research, Policy and Standards - The Institute of Leadership & Management | Published: 30 December 2020

man thinking man thinking

Calling time on emotional abuse at work

A new study by German researchers has found that employees who suffer emotional or verbal abuse in an otherwise good relationship blame themselves - and re-double their efforts. They warn that unless companies improve their measures of good leadership, abusive behaviour will continue, with damaging implications for employee mental health.

Contributor: Dr. Christian Tröster is Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior - KLU | Published: 15 November 2020

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Does tracking hours show a lack of trust?

As we all adjust to a new world of work and new ways of doing things, there will be further questions seeking answers. And while the “right” solution will never be clear-cut, and different software will suit different organisations for a number of reasons, the opinions above demonstrate that not all software is essential — and some require careful consideration before we implement.

Contributor: Stuart Hearn is CEO and Founder - Clear Review, | Published: 25 August 2020

Business finance is yet to shift to reflect widespread remote working

COVID-19 has meant a fundamental shift for businesses and in a short space of time, huge swathes of the UK economy have restructured to a remote working setup. New YouGov research commissioned by the SAP Concur team reveals a significant third of businesses (32%) found the transition to remote working difficult or very difficult.

Contributor: Ryan Demaray, Managing Director SMB EMEA at SAP Concur | Published: 4 June 2020