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One in twenty workers say they are not receiving any paid holiday entitlement

Resolution Foundation research has revealed that around one in twenty workers report receiving no paid holiday entitlement and almost one in ten workers are not receiving a legally required payslip. The analysis shows that the likelihood of a worker being subject to labour market violations is closely connected.

Article by: Makbool Javaid 4 October 2019

ET seeks ‘worker’ status clarification from ECJ

An ET is seeking clarification from the ECJ on the proper interpretation of the “worker” classification under EU law, particularly around a gig-economy worker’s right to use substitutes. Personnel Today report that the Watford ET referred a series of questions to the ECJ.

Article by: Makbool Javaid 2 October 2019

Withdrawal of job offer was discrimination arising in consequence of disability

In Birtenshaw v Oldfield, O is disabled because of a mental health condition. She was employed by B, a provider of services for adults and children with special needs, as a care worker on a temporary basis. O applied for and was offered a permanent position, but subject to medical clearance.

Article by: Makbool Javaid 1 October 2019


1 in 8 employers reluctant to hire women who may have children

A YouGov survey for Young Women’s Trust has found that a minority of employers - one in eight - say they would be reluctant to hire a woman who they thought may go on to have children. In the survey of 800 HR decision-makers, 12% were unsure about hiring women who may have children in the future.

Article by: Makbool Javaid 6 September 2019


Injury to feelings assessed by effect of discriminatory treatment not gravity of the acts

The Vento guidelines for awards for injury to feelings indicate that the lowest band, currently £900-£8,800, is appropriate for less serious cases, such as where the act of discrimination is an isolated or one-off occurrence. In Komeng v Creative Support Limited an ET upheld K’s claim of direct race discrimination

Article by: Makbool Javaid 4 September 2019