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Unpacking incoming flexible working rights

And while respondents were more likely to use the new rights in a new role than in a current one, our findings also show a strong interest in using them to change existing working arrangements, especially among those who are less comfortable having informal conversations about flexibility with their manager.

Article by 3 July 2023


Hybrid and remote working trends for 2023

A recent survey found that one-third (33%) of employers offer a completely virtual interview process, with an additional 21% resorting to in-person interviews only for final rounds. It’s clear that virtual interviews have become a standard part of the hiring process, even as organisations are beckoning their employees back to their corporate offices. Although many UK professionals have grown accustomed to using video-conferencing tools like Zoom in lieu of in-person meetings for work, data shows that not all job candidates have yet to master the art of the virtual interview and would benefit from doing so.

Article by 7 February 2023


Do flexible working policies lead to a two-tier workforce?

Two-tier workforces are not a new phenomenon, but how it’s defined in today’s economy is. In the past, the two-tier workforce was characterized by differences between white and blue-collar workers. Now, the two-tier workforce can be seen in the differences between those who have access to flexible working arrangements and those who do not.

Article by 28 January 2023


The Opportunities for your Workforce with the New Blend of Work at Home and in the Office

Ageism is a problem across most industries, but it is felt more acutely in the technology and technology-enabled sector. This is quite a broad group of workers because so many jobs today are powered by technology - even if the company is not directly considered to be in the IT industry. Look at the modern banking industry today and just how many startups have achieved unicorn status.

Article by 24 May 2022


Lessons learned from 20 years of managing flexible workers

So many times in the early days of flex I had felt that, as a kind manager, empathetic to employees’ lives outside work, I had to say yes. But colleagues could always tell when I was reluctant, and as the suboptimal flex continued, performance and relationships were affected.

Article by 21 July 2021


Balanced working must be a priority in the ‘new normal’

The UK has been celebrating National Work Life Week for over ten years now; while the US designates the whole of October as work-family month. It’s fair to say that for most people work-life balance has taken an enormous hit this year. Which is why employers must make it a key priority as we figure out ‘new normal’ ways of working.

Article by 14 October 2020


Managing a diverse workforce:
Driving creativity through diversity in your workplace

The promotion of equality and the fight against discrimination is rightly one of the top agenda items with regards to businesses’ approach to their employees, their customers and wider societal impact. It is increasingly necessary for employers to actively encourage equality, and businesses are recognising that workplace diversity can be highly beneficial in making for a more creative, consistent, and productive workforce.

Article by 3 September 2020


What critical attributes are required for the future of remote work?

The number of organisations moving towards a remote workforce has increased at a steady pace over the years leading up to 2020 and this trend is certainly showing no signs of slowing down, with working from home rising rapidly as a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak. What was deemed a temporary solution for many organisations is now looking to be a more permanent reality for large segments of the workforce who realise they do not need to be on-site to perform their daily work tasks.

Article by 19 August 2020