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Lost to the ages

First and foremost, independence is the core strength of theHRDIRECTOR. Unlike many competitor publications in the hr sector, we do not ... View Article

Article by: | Published: 14 November 2016

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UK Board meetings are stuck in the 1990s

New research reveals an over reliance on email for scheduling meetings and hand-written minutes, 59 percent admitting that minutes are still hand written manually during a meeting and then circulated once typed out.

Article by: | Published: 7 November 2016

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Does HR dream of electric sheep?

Change is a massive pre-occupation for all, its pace and its reach makes the future almost inconceivable, and then it arrives before we know it, then we take it for granted - smartphones possess millions of times more processing power than the entire NASA computing system that put man on the moon. As the dawn of artificial intelligence and driverless cars rises, can we ever be really prepared for "the next big thing"?

Article by: | Published: 2 November 2016

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The rise of the Telerobotics

Globalisation is driven by the simple fact that some things are cheaper in one country than another. Some of the biggest price differences in the world concern wages and salaries, but since there is widespread political resistance to mass migration low-wage workers currently remain stuck at home. But what if workers could do work remotely?

Article by: | Published: 31 October 2016

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Passing the buck to the scapegoat

Future proofing your business is one of those massively laudable aims that seem crushingly simple in theory, but are a little more difficult in practice. All you need to do, after all, is replicate the successes and avoid repeating the mistakes. The entire raison d’etre of Lean Six Sigma is to create precisely that kind of virtual circle - breaking down the processes upon which your business relies into their smallest component parts.

Article by: | Published: 13 September 2016

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Robots won’t take your job

There's currently a misleading rumour doing the rounds that suggests robots are going to take our jobs. We've been led to believe that the human race will be left to fend for itself in a dystopian future made up of dancing humanoids that can climb stairs and serve us Jägerbomb cocktails.

Article by: | Published: 8 June 2016

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Technological Disruption to Revive the Manufacturing Sector

Automation, robotics and big data analysis are the necessary components for sustained success. The 2016 Annual Manufacturing Report, published by Hennik Research, reveals that British manufacturers are predominantly optimistic about the future of the industry.

Article by: | Published: 18 May 2016