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Work Reimagined

Radical thinking such as measuring work based on output, not input, abolishing presenteeism and allowing anyone working anywhere to get promoted, upskilling managers to work in a distributed and asynchronous way, and to embrace a truly agile way of working is required.

Article by: Andrew Grill - Actionable Futurist | Published: 16 June 2022

Creating future-fit organisations

Climate change, Covid and conflict are all impacting the way we work, and an increasingly dispersed multi-generational workforce searching for meaning and belonging. The unrelenting pace of these leadership challenges is demanding a shift in the way we approach leadership and organisational development, from root to leaf. 

Article by: Giles Hutchins - Author | Published: 15 June 2022

Guide to recruitment and building a Global Team

A global virtual team is the workplace of the future - but making the right hires and engaging teams across multiple territories requires specific skills for HR.

Article by: Cynthia Dearin - Dearin Associates | Published: 11 June 2022

Pay rise expectations riding high, as cost of living bites

Workers have high expectations of being given a pay rise and are ready to push their employers to get it, as the cost of living rises sharply for many, reveals the ADP® Research Institute’s People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View. 

Article by: Sirsha Halder, ADP | Published: 8 June 2022

RISE OF INDIVIDUALISM – HOLD THE TENSION – Print – Issue 211 – May 2022 | Article of the Week

Faced with a whole raft of operational, commercial and global challenges, another tension is emerging, which cannot be ignored. It is caused by the necessity for complex, collaborative working on a global and organisational scale, whilst at the same time, acknowledging the rise of individual freedom and autonomy. Organisationally, this has been exacerbated by hybrid working and changing mindsets - both a result of pandemic disruptions - but in truth, this a catalyst for something that has been percolating for years.


legal challenges legal challenges

Compliance and transparency critical to labour market enforcement strategy

With the introduction of a single enforcement body comprising the Gang Masters Labour Abuse Authority, the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate and HMRC the Director of Labour Market Enforcement must ensure that enforcement does not become more diluted as the departments work out how best to navigate the issues together. The current enforcement strategies do not work. They serve to incentivise non-compliant offerings and fail to support the compliant parts of the sector. The lack of visible enforcement, the lengthy delays in taking any action, and targeting the workers for recovery all serve the interests of those seeking to circumvent, or disregard, the rules, which allows non-compliance to thrive.

Article by: Crawford Temple, CEO - Professional Passport | Published: 28 May 2022

Harnessing the alternative work model

Now more than ever, how organisations approach the current HR challenges is pivotal to their evolving employee experience. Decisions made will reflect the maturity of an organisation, how they have listened to their employees and their subsequent response to and value of their employee relationship.

Article by: Carol Mote founder - People Advisory International | Published: 18 May 2022

The AI age calls for a new kind of leadership

As companies adopt AI technologies, leaders must embrace uncertainty, recognize our limitations and think differently. Probabilistic decision-making — that is, decisions that consider the possibility of alternative outcomes — is at the heart of this new approach.

Article by: Zoe Hillenmeyer, CCO - Peak | Published: 10 May 2022

Navigate the new era of working and recruiting

Facing the Great Resignation, organisations need to adapt to ensure they not only retain their employees, but are attractive to new hires, remaining current in the face of changing employee expectations and workspace setups. Angela Hughes, EMEA HR and People Leadership Director at Insight, looks at the changes and possibilities the trend could bring organisations.

Article by: Angela Hughes, EMEA HR and People Leadership Director - Insight | Published: 10 May 2022