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Employee misconduct: How to protect the business

Any business faced with potentially serious employee misconduct, particularly by someone senior, will face some difficult choices and risks. What are the implications of getting a misconduct dismissal wrong.

Article by: | Published: 11 November 2015

The HRDirector Features

Rights for the Left Handed

Last month saw the annual Left Handers Day with tweets hashtagged #lefthandersday posting pictures of the hardships left handers have to face daily – right handed scissors, desks and smudged hands thanks to right handed pads.

Article by: | Published: 7 September 2015

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How to stop CV Fraud when recruiting for candidates

Today everyone likes to share every detail of their lives online, social media is big and therefore the amount of misinformation that appears on candidate CVs is extraordinary. From bumping up a poor degree to exaggerating about essential qualifications it appears that some individuals feel free to elaborate the facts.

Article by: | Published: 18 August 2015

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Modern Slavery Act – is your business caught?

From October new obligations under section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act will apply to certain commercial organisations. Relevant organisations will be required to publish an annual anti-slavery and human trafficking statement, which may require significant auditing of their global supply chains and business.

Article by: | Published: 18 August 2015

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When is whistleblowing in the public interest?

The EAT has held that a contractual dispute affecting a number of staff in a private company (but not the wider public), will satisfy the public interest test under the amended Public Interest Disclosure Act.

Article by: | Published: 20 April 2015

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Calls for random drug testing

Researchers at a leading business insurance website have revealed that as many as three quarters of construction workers agree with random drug testing whilst on site. Furthermore, the majority of respondents stated that they would feel a lot safer and more secure if employees operated under rules in which they could be tested and dismissed at any point if they were proved to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Article by: | Published: 9 April 2015

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UK Immigration – guide to latest changes

Further to our last Update, we summarise below the recent, main changes to the Immigration Rules and Guidance as relevant to your business. Save as otherwise stated, these changes are effective from 6 April 2015. Article by Jonathan Chaimovic, Tim Richards, Neena Samuel and Nisha Mahi.

Article by: | Published: 30 March 2015