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trans equality trans equality

Gay cakes and dress codes – when beliefs and rights clash

Although the Supreme Court concluded that the bakery's refusal to bake a cake for a homosexual customer with a caption "Support Gay Marriage" was not discrimination on grounds of his sexual orientation (the reason for the less favourable treatment was the message he wanted to be iced on the cake)

Article by: Emma Burrows | Published: 6 May 2019

wage wage

Gender equality – changing a mindset 

Start from within – the chances are the employees you already have know your culture, understand how your company works and are loyal. Why waste time and money on outside recruiters when you might already have the best candidates within your existing talent pool?

Article by: Deepak Poria | Published: 8 March 2019

gender pay gap gender pay gap

The astonishing cost of gender bias

Investors to step out of their comfort zone and reap the benefits of increased investment in women. The report, published by The UK VC & Female Founders for the Treasury, found that, by comparison, all-male founder teams are given 89p and mixed-gender teams collect the remaining 10p.

Article by: Juliet Eccleston | Published: 11 February 2019

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Finally, equality takes centre stage

The requirements on executive pay gap reporting will come first, with rules now in force requiring UK quoted companies with more than 250 employees to set out the ratio of the CEO's pay and benefits compared with that of other employees.

Article by: Alan Matthew | Published: 9 February 2019

technology technology

Damaging Effect Unconscious Bias on Leadership of Tomorrow

Did you know only 51 percent of the FTSE 100 companies have Directors from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, and only 8 percent of the total Director population in the UK. By contrast, UK society comprises 14 percent non-white ethnic groups.

Article by: Paula Whelan | Published: 14 January 2019

vacancies vacancies

Board Diversity: Action Needed Now

Many organisations have begun to make progress on the staff side, thanks in part to a movement to shed light on a lack of staff diversity in the tech sector. But board leadership in both the private and nonprofits sectors has remained stubbornly homogenous for decades.

Article by: Molly Brennan | Published: 13 January 2019

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Speaking out about inequality

We take a look at why there appears to be a sharp increase in individuals speaking out following more allegations of workplace gender inequality - this time the former Talk Talk manager, Rebecca Burke, who is bringing a claim against her former employer after alleging that her male colleagues are paid 40% higher salaries and 50% higher bonuses.

Article by: Nick Hawkins and Zeinab Harb | Published: 3 January 2019

glass glass

Diversity and flexibility are the keys to breaking the glass ceiling

Leaders, managers, and equal rights activists have all come up with different suggestions and theories to break the glass ceiling and close the pay gap. Even after so many discussions, social forums, public meetings, and seminars dedicated to work towards ending the inequality so persistent in workplaces; we have yet to root out the evil.

Article by: Prakriti Garg | Published: 23 November 2018

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Deep disparities of views on workplace equality

Seventy-five percent of females in the workplace consider gender pay equality to be a major workplace concern compared to just 53 percent of men. Equal pay for equal jobs is a major issue that impacts both men and women and the economy as a whole.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 19 November 2018

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Tackling size bias in the workplace

New LinkedIn study highlights the impact of size bias in the workplace when it comes to hiring new employees, over half (56 percent) of employers believe they are missing out on talent due to discrimination against people due to their weight. LinkedIn Learning courses opened up to help professionals tackle unconscious bias and create an inclusive workplace.

Article by: Ngaire Moyes | Published: 3 November 2018