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“You’ve been here how long?”

Retention is often an issue in catering and hospitality, but key staff at the Novotel London West have clocked up more than 500 years between them.

Article by: | Published: 7 August 2009

The HRDirector Features

Ross and Brand – not living the brand

A case of individual or corporate responsibility? Whatever you think of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, when they made that phone call to Andrew Sachs, it did indeed seem like they omitted to stop and consider how some people may well view what they were doing and, crucially, so did their bosses.

Article by: | Published: 29 June 2009

The HRDirector Features

High earners tax explained

With the new 50 percent additional rate of UK income tax, Sykes Anderson present options for high earners after 2009 Budget. A summary of the income tax changes by David Anderson solicitor and chartered tax adviser and Graeme Perry, trainee solicitor at Sykes Anderson LLP Solicitors and Chartered Tax Advisers.

Article by: | Published: 5 June 2009

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Default retirement at 65 – is it legal?

Unfortunately we will have to wait just a bit longer to find out. In October 2006, the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 (known as the Age Regulations) came into force, introducing a standard default retirement age of 65. The Heyday Group (part of Age Concern) challenged the Age Regulations in the High Court in what has become known as the ‘Heyday Challenge', seeking to make it unlawful in the UK to force employees to retire at any age.

Article by: | Published: 19 May 2009

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Succession Planning

Challenging economic conditions bring into sharp focus the need for organisations across all sectors to adopt strategies that help drive and improve their operational effectiveness and efficiency. Managing for today is important, managing for tomorrow is even more critical. It is time to take a long hard look at how prepared your organisation is to meet this challenge.

Article by: | Published: 18 May 2009

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Dispute Resolution

April saw the much maligned statutory dispute resolution procedures make way for a new regime. Martin Warren, head of employment law at Eversheds LLP, considers what this will mean for HR practitioners.

Article by: | Published: 7 May 2009

The HRDirector Features

You can ignore e-learning…

Although there is little disagreement about the value of developing tomorrow’s business leaders, questions continue to be asked about the most effective method. Surprisingly, the debate still revolves around how best to use technology rather than accepting it as a tool, and focusing on the creation of relevant content.

Article by: | Published: 5 May 2009

The HRDirector Features

Common sense v political correctness: the legal perspective

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears recently warned against what she described as 'creeping oversensitivity'. She wants to encourage 'debate about religion in contemporary life'. Audrey Williams of Eversheds gives her legal angle on the subject.

Article by: | Published: 8 April 2009