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A guide to work and getting used to living with COVID

What role to workforce executives have in leading the new healthy office paradigm and what strategies can they implement to hire, retain and manage the worker of the endemic future. 

Article by 12 May 2022


Why people will be heading back to the office, eventually

While the benefits of working from home are good for the individual – I’m not refuting the extra time spent at home and healthier work-balance – the benefits of working in an office are equally as great, for both employee and business. And businesses and their staff need visible leaders, and you can’t be quite as visible from your kitchen table.

Article by 6 January 2022


The Surprising Impact of COVID-19 on Employees Around the World

Most of the world’s population is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic nearly two years in. It’s safe to say we all still feel varying degrees of anxiety, and even depression, in our personal and professional lives as a result of this public health crisis.

Article by 7 December 2021


Regaining Your Sense of Purpose in a POST-COVID World

There has been an increased sense of recognition within the corporate leadership that the days of ‘Business as Usual’ are over in the Digital Age that is being shaped by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is already manifesting in corporate decision-making in a number of ways, e.g., amplified focus on optimizing ‘core’ headcount, reformation of organizational structures/hierarchies, gravitation towards reducing office space, scrambling for increasing online presence, formulating hybrid working mechanisms, revising and reinforcement of risk management plans, greater sensitivity to health and wellbeing issues, etc.

Article by 1 December 2021


The ‘ROOTS’ Framework for Sustaining Relevancy and Competitiveness for Organizations Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The dynamics of the digital age impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a profound challenge for organizations, especially, those facing the dire prospect of being marginalized by astute competitors who are incessantly nibbling at their previously secure and dominant market positions. This has especially been a rude awakening for those corporate entities that had developed their risk management plans according to ‘normal/foreseen’ business cycles.

Article by 1 October 2021


Six important insights into workplace safety for the return to work

Workplace safety matters, but organizations can't take action on resolving issues unless they know about them. As workplaces make the return to indoors in the face of rising COVID case numbers, listening to employee concerns and fears, and keeping a flexible and resilient attitude, will be what gets workplaces through 2021.

Article by 31 August 2021


Do employers have the right to sack employees who refuse to be vaccinated?

While 47 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, recent analysis shows there are still roughly 1.3 million people who have not taken up the offer to get a vaccine, despite being eligible. As employers look to encourage employees to get vaccinated before returning to offices, here are some key things to bear in mind for what you can and can’t do if an employee refuses to take the jab.

Article by 18 August 2021


Lower the language barrier to embrace the world

There is much debate about the future of the workplace in a ‘post-Covid-era’ – if we ever arrive there. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that remote working is possible for any business. And, given the choice, employees would prefer the flexibility that the ‘hybrid approach’ has graced their traditional working lives.

Article by 13 August 2021