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Four-day week, hybrid, remote – employees risk burnout

Global report of 7,100 workers reveals that whether a four-day week, hybrid, office or fully remote – employees risk burnout. Workplace resilience and wellbeing extends beyond time and location, but strong leadership and autonomy helps avoid employee burnout.  

Contributor: Sam Fuller, CEO of The Wellbeing Project and Founder - Wraw® | Published: 25 June 2022

‘Cost of doing business crisis’ will impact profitability

55% of senior UK business executives cite growth as their top priority over the next 12 months, but the tough economic climate and challenges in attracting and retaining key personnel are thwarting that growth.

Contributor: Gordon Wilson - Advanced | Published: 25 June 2022

Revealed: Characteristics of great leaders in a VUCA world

Businesses are facing constant additional challenges; this means that many are grappling with stress of an increasingly uncertain world. We need inspiring and dependable leaders in business to rise from the ashes to motivate and lead by example. What are the characteristics of great business leaders in a VUCA world?

Contributor: Thom Dennis, CEO - Serenity In Leadership | Published: 24 June 2022

Improved internal hiring strategies will be key to difficult labour market

With the latest ONS labour market data revealing that the UK once again reported record breaking vacancies numbers in the three months leading up to May and competition for talent fiercer than ever, AMS (formerly Alexander Mann Solutions) has urged businesses to place more emphasis on internal hiring strategies.

Contributor: Jim Sykes, AMS | Published: 24 June 2022

Engagement gap continues to widen

- Around one third of employees feel disengaged from their work - Hybrid working is more likely to amplify than mitigate the issue - Disengagement can be a consequence of poor boundaries between work and home life - Clinical experts offer five steps for employees to regain a positive post-pandemic mindset

Contributor: Lou Campbell - Wellbeing Partners Ltd | Published: 23 June 2022

Time wasting “extreme office rule” goes viral

Millions of people will have seen the extreme office rule go viral over social media and news outlets this week. But as controversial as it may be, is it actually breaking the law?

Contributor: Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula | Published: 23 June 2022

Overseas employers must take action on men’s health

Globally, health and wellbeing statistics are very different for men compared to women. For overseas employees, the contrast may be even more stark, with different host countries having different attitudes to men’s health. This International Men’s Health Week, Towergate Health & Protection is encouraging employers to take action to support the health and wellbeing of their male employees around the world.

Contributor: Sarah Dennis, head of international at Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 23 June 2022

Part-time and temp workers hit peak

The number of people working part-time or in temporary jobs has hit its highest level since the early days of the pandemic, according to new analysis by Indeed Flex, the online marketplace for flexible workers. The number of people working part-time or in temporary positions climbed past 9.8 million at the end of April — the highest figure since June 2020. The overwhelming majority of those working part-time are doing so because they prefer it to working full-time. The most recent ONS Labour Force Survey revealed that 70% of part-timers do not want a full-time job, which is putting extra pressure on employers struggling to fill full-time roles, as job vacancies sit at a record high.

Contributor: Novo Constare, COO and Co-founder - Indeed Flex | Published: 22 June 2022

Support needed for women planning to work beyond retirement

“The workplace is vastly different to how it used to be. Flexible working and working from home have meant that people have become more personally accountable for their own work/life balance, and no age group should be overlooked when recruiting.”

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 22 June 2022