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Does the key to talent lie in untapped neurodiversity?

Organisations across the globe are struggling with a shortage of technical skills, however, improving opportunities for neurominorities could help to close the gap, says recruiting experts, Hays.

Contributor: James Milligan - Hays Technology | Published: 1 April 2022

April Fool’s Day: Harmless pranks or harassment?

April Fool’s Day is fast approaching. But whilst wind-up merchants are meticulously planning their antics and preparing to pull one over on their colleagues, it begs the question: are pranks in the workplace ever OK? Now contrary to popular belief, your HR department doesn’t want to be a party pooper…However, there is always a risk of a joke being misconstrued.

Contributor: Alan Price, CEO - BrightHR | Published: 1 April 2022

Employee mental health has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic.

As the UK navigates through the end of covid restrictions, we must assess the long-term impact of the pandemic on employee mental health. GetApp conducted a study, in which it surveyed over 1000 SME employees to assess how their state of mental health has changed throughout the pandemic.

Contributor: David Jani, ontent Analyst - GetApp UK | Published: 31 March 2022

Only nine FTSE 100 companies headed by women

Despite a drive for diversity at the top and numerous initiatives to support the progression of women in the workplace, new analysis reveals that only nine CEOs running FTSE 100 companies are women.

Contributor: Leyla Tindall, Managing Director - Robert Half Executive Search | Published: 31 March 2022

Office workers demand action against loneliness

Nearly three quarters of office workers are calling on employers to address loneliness among those working flexibly. Over a third have experienced sadness from isolation, the hidden impact of hybrid working.

Contributor: Alex Graves - Silicon Reef | Published: 30 March 2022

How to cope before an anxiety-inducing big event

From exams to presentations to interviews, important occasions can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious, hindering our ability to function and perform, even to the extent of provoking panic attacks, or feelings of overwhelming exhaustion or nausea. Neuroscientist, psychologist and recalibration specialist, Dr Lynda Shaw, reveals her top 10 tips on overcoming fear before an anxiety-inducing event.

Contributor: Dr Lynda Shaw, neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist. | Published: 30 March 2022

Number of applications tumble in STEM jobs market

"There is no quick solution to rebuilding dwindling talent pools and we fully expect this squeeze on resources to continue over the coming months. We do, however, expect to see more employers and recruiters using innovative technology and maximising partnerships with external talent suppliers to tackle this skills crisis.”

Contributor: Alex Fourlis - Broadbean Technology | Published: 30 March 2022