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HR on the Board with CEO aspirations

“HR justifying its seat on the board is such a hackneyed and patronising debate, but the fact that the question of whether it is even necessary for HR to be on the board keeps rearing its head. Here’s a statistic ... View Article

Article by 4 July 2016


Where Will This Madness End!?

A recent 2015 Red Letter Day straw poll has resulted in me having a number of sleepless nights. The poll declared that almost 40% of UK employees confirmed they were “engaged” in their jobs. And around the same time an ... View Article

Article by 25 May 2016


Future of Work

I’m OBSESSED by the future.  As Woody Allen famously said “we’re all interested in the future, for that’s where we’re all heading.” I’m obsessed with it, as I recently wrote on my own blog, because of the hope I have ... View Article

Article by 28 April 2016