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What is Your Rainbow Score?

(A Simple Calculation to Realize the Success of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives) There is an increasing trend among progressive organizations to invest in productive Diversity and Inclusion measures that can provide a competitive edge in an unforgiving business environment. However, ... View Article

Article by 17 October 2016


Culture, Vision and Business Values

I don’t think the world needs another blog on culture, vision and business values yet out of the 3 topics shared with me for this month’s features this one stood out. “Why is that?” I asked myself inquisitively. Here’s why ... View Article

Article by 21 September 2016


Realizing Your Organizational Worthiness

(Unveiling the Obscure Side of Talent Valuation) The competition for hiring the desired talent is getting more and more intense as organizations seek to gain greater leverage from the strength of their human assets to assure the robustness of core ... View Article

Article by 19 September 2016