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Recruitment – Estate Agents and Poorly Aligned Incentives

Estate agents, in general, describe their properties that they are trying to sell in a different way, receive a higher price for their own properties and leave their own properties on the market for longer (10 days).  In other words as soon as they start acting on your behalf they are less concerned about getting the right result for you - and more concerned about making a sale. .

Article by 8 January 2014


Strategic Workforce Planning

Once upon a time there was a man and his wife who had been married more years than they could remember and who were stuck in a rut of holidaying every year in Skegness. This year, fed up with the ... View Article

Article by 7 January 2014


Managing Carers at Work

We are just a few short years away from a tipping point around caring; there will be more people that need care than there are family members to meet that demand.  An ageing population plus the rise in long term ... View Article

Article by 7 January 2014